The Most Scary Places to Visit in Wales

1. Craig Y Nos Castle Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Wales? Scenic landscapes, huge cliffs, and enormous countryside are some of the reasons people usually visit this beautiful part of the UK....
Castles Cardiff

5 Things Cardiff Is Famous For

Cardiff is a city of castles because the people love to build. Here are five reasons why many people love to see Cardiff.

The Most Iconic Welsh Foods to Eat in Wales

1. Welsh Rarebit Planning to visit Wales and fancy trying the most iconic Welsh food? This small country situated in the UK has it all. Stunning landscapes, beautiful coasts, and some of the best mountains...

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is a city worth visiting. Visitors have access to some of the best stadiums, medieval castles, and arcades in the United Kingdom. Cardiff has played host to a couple of films in the past. Here are the movies to see if you want to have a piece of the city before you visit.

Newport With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

Families have always had a great time at Newport. The city which is located in Rhode Island is full of interesting features that will make just about anyone to have a happy and fun time. So, pack your bags and head to Newport with the kids, to have a great time.

Swansea With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

Swansea is a city famous for its lovely architecture, museums, and quality tourist destinations where you and the kids can visit. The city is home to quality historical sites, notably the National Waterfront Museum, which holds fantastic exhibitions about the history of the industry. We have selected the places below for the enjoyment of you and the kids.

Cardiff With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

Cardiff is the largest city and capital of Wales, United Kingdom. Apart from its glorious history, the city is also famous for its medieval castles which attract millions of people every year, from all over the world. Here are the best things to see and do in this wonderful city of magical surprises.

The Best Flea Markets in Cardiff

1. Cardiff Indoor Flea Market Cardiff is the capital of Wales and its largest city, and one of the biggest in the UK. It is a beautiful and vivid city with many options to offer...

The Best Rooftop Bars in Cardiff

Cardiff is a beautiful city in the United Kingdom, but a smart way to enjoy its beauty and ambiance is by strolling into the superb rooftop bars the city has to offer. The panoramic views the roof terraces have to offer, as well as the delicious cuisines, will make your experience an unforgettable one. Meanwhile, here are the finest rooftop bars you can find in Cardiff.

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