Mediterranean Yacht Charter – The Most Romantic Greek Islands

Discover the most romantic Greek Islands to explore during a Mediterranean yacht charter, from idyllic Santorini to the unique charm of Hydra. Learn more here.
Capri yacht Charter

Escape the Winter Blues With a Capri Yacht Charter

A Capri yacht charter takes you to the heart of the Amalfi coast in style, luxury and complete privacy.

What You Need to Know About Mykonos Paradise Beach!

Mykonos and parties go hand in hand. This is just the way things are on the cosmopolitan Greek island. And, when seeking glam, lux, and style in an already vibrant night scene, a certain...

5 Things to See & Skip in London

With the possible exceptions of New York and Rome, it is hard to imagine a city in the world that offers more to tourists than London. It is a sprawling city that transcends time,...
Plonk Crazy Golf, Camden Town

Top Crazy Golf Venues in North London

There are many reasons to visit the north London area, and crazy golf is definitely one of them. It may not be one of the most popular reasons to visit the area, but it...

The Most Scary Places to Visit in Portugal

1. Almourol Castle Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Portugal? This country is full of great landscapes, seaside, and views, however, there are other sites to visit while there. If you are brave...
Croatia Yacht Charter

The Safest Destination For A Luxury Charter In The Mediterranean

As travel restrictions throughout Europe loosen and waterways are opened up once more for the upcoming summer season, many yacht charterers may be asking themselves where to go this year. A luxury charter yacht...

The Most Scary Places to Visit in Norway

1. The Blue Room of the Hotel Union Oye Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Norway? You might don't know but there are plenty of such places waiting for you to explore. So,...

The Most Scary Places to Visit in Czech Republic

1. The Hanging Arm Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in the Czech Republic? There is no other country to visit like this, as many of the locations are in close proximity and you...

Five of the Hottest Islands for Yacht Holidays in Greece

If you’re planning a yacht holiday, Greece and its islands really can’t be bettered – think picturesque villages, dreamy scenery, idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters. But of all the many islands in all the...

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