10 Most Beautiful Forests in Cyprus

1. Cedar Valley Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea close to the Middle East. Additionally, it is quite a popular travel destination especially during summer months, due to the fascinating beaches. Cyprus...

10 Things Cyprus Is Famous For

The magnificent Cyprus! Although it is probably not the first option that would occur to someone thinking of travel destinations (due to its distance from other European countries and the fact that it is an island, so you really can not simply "jump" there when you want to), once you get there you will surely wonder why you have not visited Cyprus long before. The beautiful beaches, wild parties and delicious cuisine are only a small part of the interesting things that Cyprus offers. We have chosen the 10 things that Cyprus is Famous for, which form part of the reason why you should add this magical Mediterranean island to your travel list!

The Most Popular Drinks in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is so much fun that many people don’t ever want to go back home. What makes it that great is their food, culture, and the local drinks that are unique to that environment. When you’re in Cyprus, we advise you to try some of these drinks and when you do, you will never regret.

Most Loved

Worth Seeing