Top Asian destinations for solo travelling

Travel has been firmly placed back on the agenda and many of us are making plans and booking flights in a bid to tick off our dream destinations. Solo travellers are among those planning their...

Top Reasons to Consider Travel Nursing if You’re an Adventure Seeker

If you love adventure, exploring new places, and meeting new people, then travel nursing might be the perfect carer for you. Traveling nurses work in different healthcare settings within or outside the country. You...

3 Types of Getaways that Will Give You a Honeymoon to Remember

Your honeymoon is your big chance to go on a luxury vacation, guilt free. It’s the time to get away from your everyday responsibilities with your new spouse, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Research...

How Much Should I Budget For a Trip to Thailand

Meta: Are you planning a trip to Thailand and wondering how much money you’ll need while there? Read here to learn about how much to budget for your Thai vacation. How Much Should I Budget...
Hong Kong China

7 Things China Is Famous For

If you are still not convinced to undertake a trip to this Asian country, here we give you 7 things China is famous for!
Sunrise on Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.

10 Things Cambodia Is Famous For

What are the essential and popular places in Cambodia? Here is a list of the things that Cambodia is famous for.

7 Things Brunei Is Famous for

Brunei is a small, independent, oil-rich country located between the states of Sarawak and Sabah on the Malaysian (northeast) side of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Here is a list of fun...
Bayterek Tower, Nurzhol Bulvar, Astana

5 Things Kazakhstan Is Famous for

Don't miss anything of this Asian country. Here are 5 things Kazakhstan is famous for and why it should be your travel destination.
Taipei City, Taiwan

5 Things Taiwan Is Famous For

Taiwan is a small island that has an infinity of characteristics that make it incredible and unforgettable. Here's what Taiwan is famous for!

Travelling on a Budget? Plan Your Honeymoon Trip To the Maldives

Travel to the Maldives is a thrilling experience.  These days, budget tourists may discover the nation at a cheap price by staying in guest houses that pop up on the local islands every week. A...

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