The Most Popular Drinks in Albania

Albania is one of the most beautiful places to have a great drink. These people have been making drinks for centuries, and a large part of their ancient culture still exists until today. When you pay a visit to Albania for your holiday, here are the most popular drinks you should try.

10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Albania

Albania can best be described as a brewing pot of modernistic and traditional architecture that combine to form perfect postcard scenery. These are a list of some of the most beautiful small towns in Albania.

10 Things Albania Is Famous for

Albania is one of the picturesque countries in the Balkan regions with very phenomenal historic sites. Albania has many beautiful rivers, mountain ranges, and lakes. These are the main things the country is famous for.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Forests in Albania

About 40% of the landmass in Albania is populated by Forests. The Republic of Albania as it is also popularly called is located in the Balkan Peninsula. These are some of the most beautiful forests in Albania that you should visit when you ever get to tour the country.

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