Birmingham Canals

5 Things Birmingham Is Famous For

Birmingham City played a significant role during the industrial revolution. There so many things Birmingham is famous for, here's 5 of them!
Manchester United Flag

5 Things Manchester Is Famous For

Manchester is a city in the northwest of England, with a rich history climaxing at the industrial age of textile manufacturing.

The Most Romantic Spots in Cambridge

1. River Cam Looking for the most romantic spots in Cambridge? Look no further! Cambridge is a beautiful and scenic city with plenty of activities to do and see. Romantic spots are a must in...

5 Things Bristol Is Famous For

Bristol is on the South-Western part of England, with more than 720,000 people inhabitants. The city is famous for the Clifton suspension bridge, representing it as a symbol and iconic figure. Here are five things Bristol is renowned for that you'll like to know.

5 Things London Is Famous For

London is one of the most important cities in the world. The city has been a place of human habitation for thousands of years, from the Bronze Age to Roman periods, and Anglo-Saxon and Viking to contemporary times. Here are five things that London is famous for.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Wakefield

We think that lovely parks and a robust culture are two of the reasons we would like to explore Wakefield. If you’re looking for movies to watch before you pack your bags and go, here are famous productions that will help you experience the city. 

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Coventry

Coventry, a city in central England, is a place to be. When you visit, you'll be able to explore museums and cathedrals and enjoy a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Before you visit, we encourage you to see some of the most famous movies from this place. They are fun, exciting, and captivating films that will show you the best of the city.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Sunderland

Sunderland has been famous over the centuries for coal mining, shipbuilding, and glassmaking. It has also been a place for filmmakers to bring their ideas to life. Before you go exploring the beauty of this charming place, here are some of the famous movies we think you should see.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Plymouth

Plymouth is not just about maritime; you’re also going to enjoy cobble streets and seeing historical architecture. In the last few years, the city has enjoyed patronage from filmmakers and producers who have chosen to make their motion picture in this lovely city. We advise you to see any of the movies below to get an idea of what the city looks like before you visit them.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Nottingham

Nottingham has been a great place for filmmakers for decades. Its beauty, caves, and other natural and human-made edifice have proven to be an exceptional background for creating amazing productions. Here are some of the most famous films you should see to have an idea of what this English city looks like before you visit them.

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