The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Bradford

Bradford is famous for its engineering, steam power, and textile machinery. Beyond that, it also functions as background for many internationally acclaimed film productions. Below we have listed some of the famous films you should see before you visit Bradford. 

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Leicester

A day in Leicester City is all you and your family need for an excellent vacation. Before you visit, we would like to acquaint you with movies you should watch. You can find these movies online or in other places. Watch them and see how the city looks like.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Bristol

Bristol, with the presence of River Avon and rich maritime history, provides an excellent atmosphere for fun and entertainment. Many movies were shot in this city, some of which became a worldwide sensation. Here are some of those famous movies to see before you visit Bristol.

Manchester Walks – The Best Walking Routes In and Around Manchester

1. Worsley Village Manchester is widely known for its beautiful landscapes and parks as well as scenic villages close to the city. If you fancy exploring this alluring city, there are some of the best...

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Birmingham

During the 18th century, Birmingham was a manufacturing powerhouse with a massive contribution to the global industrial age. Its landmarks and city beautification makes it an exciting place for filmmakers to bring stories to life. Here are the famous films made in this West Midland region of England. 

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In London

London has played host to many movies in the past 100 years or so. It’s a city that naturally makes itself available for all sorts of motion picture performances, mainly because of its great atmosphere, famous landmarks, and magnificent architecture. We’ve selected movies we think offer viewers the best of what London is, which celebrates the culture and architecture of this beautiful English city.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Manchester

The city of Manchester has over the years, being the location of famous movies that allow the filmmaker to showcase the beauty of the environment. Here are the most memorable films to watch before you visit this English city.

Nottingham With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

Castles, forests, and ancient caves, all of these are the reasons why you should not miss seeing Nottingham. While it is known for Robin Hood, it provides more than just legends and myths for people to enjoy themselves. Get ready to have the best time of your life in this amazing English city. 

Plymouth With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

The port city of Plymouth has always been a center of activities, since the Bronze Age. Today, the city plays host to thousands of people from all around the world, who come to enjoy their holiday and explore adventurous destinations. Here are some of the best locations you should consider. 

Newcastle Walks – The Best Walking Routes In and Around Newcastle

1. Newcastle Quayside Crave for Newcastle Walks? This city has many sites to explore including some of the best walking routes in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne. Newcastle is an exceptional destination to visit as...

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