Here’s Why You Should Visit South Africa

Over the last few years, increasing numbers of travellers have opted to go to South Africa. Although the country is known for its beaches, mountains, and savannah, there’s far more to see and enjoy...

The Most Popular Drinks In Seychelles

With a combination of about 115 islands, Seychelles can be said to be the tropical paradise of the African continent. Here, you’ll be able to discover the best of nature on an island with giant turtles, nature reserve, forests, and a whole lot more. Here are the most popular drinks in Seychelles you’re going to enjoy. 

The Most Popular Drinks in Cape Verde

The volcanic islands of Cape Verde are some of the most impressive and wonderful places to enjoy oneself in this continent that still retain most of its nature. While on a visit, you’ll also be introduced to some of their glorious drinks of which you can enjoy any day, at your own desire. Here are some of the drinks that make Cape Verde a place worth visiting. 

The Most Popular Drinks in Mauritius

Although referred to as the paradise island, Mauritius is famous for its diverse culture and the perfect blend of various cuisines. We wouldn’t forget to mention how exciting you will find the drinks produced in the country. You could walk into any bar or store and order for some tantalizing cocktails and refreshing juices. Here is a list of the finest drinks you can find in Mauritius to guide you in your choice of drinks.

The Most Popular Drinks in Mauritania

Mauritania isn’t a famous country for drinks because it is a Muslim country. Alcohol is prohibited and strictly forbidden in the country due to Islamic practices, but here are the finest drinks you can find in Mauritania.

The Most Popular Drinks In Tunisia

Although its a North African country, if you walk into the restaurants, bars, and cafes in Tunisia, there is every possibility of seeing Tunisians enjoying rounds of drinks and enjoying delicious cuisines. Here are the best drinks can you enjoy most in this North African country.

The Most Popular Drinks In Zimbabwe

A brilliant way to spend a cool day in Zimbabwe is by strolling into the bars and pubs along the streets and settle for drinks. You could enjoy drinks like beers, wines, spirits, and liqueurs while visiting the country. Here are the finest drinks in Zimbabwe you could try out.

The Most Popular Drinks In Senegal

Senegal is an ideal country in Africa to spend a vacation with family and friends. What could be a perfect holiday without having a taste of the tantalizing drinks the country has to offer? That is why we have come up with a list of drinks that would make your vacation worthwhile.

The Most Popular Drinks In Madagascar

Undoubtedly, Madagascar is a dream destination for tourists. The island, rainforest, desert, hiking, and diving is worth an experience. The cuisine of Madagascar reflects the African culture as well as the drinks. Settling down for a bottle of drink would be great as the country offers the finest of beers, wines, liquors, rums, etc. that can keep you refreshed during your tour. Here are some of the best drinks you can try out in Madagascar.

The Most Popular Drinks In Mozambique

Mozambique has a reputation for beer brewing. There are other local African drinks you will find but not as popular as in the neighboring countries due to the high quality of local brews. Let’s take a look at the popular drinks you will find in Mozambique enjoyed by its people.

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