The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Catania

Seaport, a backdrop of a mountain with an active volcano, and ancient architecture make Catania a place to be. It's the second-largest city in the region of Sicily, with a reputation of being the commercial center of the area. Catania is also suitable for filmmaking. Before you visit, try and see some of the films below with locations in the city.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Bradford

Bradford is famous for its engineering, steam power, and textile machinery. Beyond that, it also functions as background for many internationally acclaimed film productions. Below we have listed some of the famous films you should see before you visit Bradford. 

The Most Iconic Welsh Foods to Eat in Wales

1. Welsh Rarebit Planning to visit Wales and fancy trying the most iconic Welsh food? This small country situated in the UK has it all. Stunning landscapes, beautiful coasts, and some of the best mountains...

Countries Opening Up in Europe

The ongoing pandemic has brought travel to an almost complete halt. Countries have closed their borders to foreigners, hotels, restaurants, bars, and resorts have closed, cruises were suspended, and vacation plans around the world...

The Most Iconic Northern Irish Foods to Eat in Northern Ireland

1. Ulster Fry   Fancy Tasting Northern Irish food? There are plenty of dishes to taste while there, but some of them are the most iconic foods to eat in Northern Ireland. Ireland is widely known...

The Best Casinos in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the 50 states (plus Washington DC) that make up the United States of America. A state in upstate New York that is lately making strides regarding gambling regulations.

The Most Iconic French Food to Eat in France

1. Crepes France is widely known for its exceptional cuisine and gastronomy and has plenty of food to taste. If you fancy tasting the most iconic French food, then you have various options to choose...

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Perugia

Perugia is famous for its defensive walls that depict its glorious past. Another appealing aspect of the city is how many filmmakers have used several locations for their filming. Here are a few of the famous films we advise you to see before visiting Perugia.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Belfast

For decades, the city of Belfast has been an attractive place for filmmakers. It offers a fantastic background that is irreplaceable and pleasing to the eyes. We’ve researched a couple of film productions with locations in this city for you to watch before you visit. You will learn how some of your favorite film and TV scenes were made here. 

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Lucca

When you visit the city of Lucca in the Tuscany region of Italy, there is so much for you to see. Cobblestone street, renaissance wall, and tree-lined pathways all testify this fantastic destination's magnificence. Lucca is also a popular filmmaking destination. Here are some of the famous movies that used the city as its background.

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