The Most Popular Drinks in Serbia

Serbia is a lovely country in the Balkan Peninsula, with a rich history and culture dating back centuries. Part of their unique culture is their drinks, some of which originated from there. If you’re going to Serbia for the holidays, here are the drinks you must try.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Brussels

Brussels is a beautiful city fool of beauty, pleasure, and excitement. Part of what makes it so is the rooftop bars scattered all around the city, offering amazing food, drinks, and other fun activities. If you’re visiting the Belgian capital, here are the top best rooftop bars you should check out.

The Most Popular Drinks in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is beautiful to the eyes. With their medieval old towns and 13th-century castles, it’s easy to get lost in this world of fantasy, luxury, and class. One thing most people who come to this country should never miss is their local and most popular drinks. There are many of them, but we’ve selected the most popular ones you must try.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Birmingham

Back in the 18th century, Birmingham was a powerhouse in manufacturing. Today, it’s a buzzing city with many rooftop bars offering visitors and locals various options for a lovely evening of drinking, music, and food. Here are the finest rooftop bars Birmingham has to offer.

The Most Popular Drinks in Austria

Even though the red bull was invented in Austria, there are still so many other drinks that you can find here. The Austrians are famous for having a jolly lifestyle that resounds in their culture of drinks and other forms of food. Here are the most popular drinks in Austria you should never miss.
Na Kryshe Rooftop bar

The Best Rooftop Bars in Kazan

Kazan is a lovely city sited on the banks of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers. It’s a lovely city with museums, mosques, temples, and other magnificent buildings. For those who want to have fun, you can always check into one of the rooftop bars in Kazan. They serve good food, offer amazing cocktails, and deliver pure entertainment you’ll cherish.

The Most Popular Drinks in Belarus

Belarusians have a habit of creating drinks from so many things. For this reason, you’ll find plenty of local drinks that are peculiar to the region, as you explore the country and try to enjoy what makes the people unique. Here are the most popular drinks in Belarus no one should ever miss.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Nizhny Novgorod

Right on the Volga River is located this large Russian city that offers so much for tourists and visitors. When you’re in Nizhny Novgorod, there is so much you can do. If you’re like most hippy people, you’ll want to get yourself into one of those rooftop bars with a panoramic view of the city, just to improve your experience. Here are the top rooftop bars in this city you should definitely give a try.

The Most Popular Drinks in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, drinking is part of the local culture. Like many other countries, these people have their own ways of making drinks and getting it ready for you to enjoy. They take mineral water as well as wine, along with other unique drinks you’re about to find out.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Kharkiv

Kharkiv is a sprawling city with plenty of exciting things to do. Rooftop bars with cocktails and local cuisine is one of those elements that has transformed the city and attracted tourism. We’ll be discussing some of the best rooftop bars in this article and why you should not miss them.

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