Scenic view of Little venice on Mykonos island

Visit the Most Popular Greek Islands

Each group of Greek islands has its own unique history, traditions, culture, and idiosyncratic geography. Here are the best!

Mediterranean Yacht Charter – The Most Romantic Greek Islands

Discover the most romantic Greek Islands to explore during a Mediterranean yacht charter, from idyllic Santorini to the unique charm of Hydra. Learn more here.

What You Need to Know About Mykonos Paradise Beach!

Mykonos and parties go hand in hand. This is just the way things are on the cosmopolitan Greek island. And, when seeking glam, lux, and style in an already vibrant night scene, a certain...

Mykonos Beaches Guide – 5 Sugary Beaches Away From Partying Crowds

Choosing a Greek island for your summer vacations entails spending endless hours under the bright Mediterranean sun, swimming in cobalt waters, and enjoying sandy shores. Now, if Mykonos is your summer destination, things instantly...

Five of the Hottest Islands for Yacht Holidays in Greece

If you’re planning a yacht holiday, Greece and its islands really can’t be bettered – think picturesque villages, dreamy scenery, idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters. But of all the many islands in all the...

4 Things Spetses is Famous For

Spetses is a rich island and a municipality in Attica, Greece - the Islands regional unit. One of the most beautiful!
sunrise in Mandraki harbor. Rhodes, Greece

5 Things Rhodes Is Famous For

Rhodes Island is famous for a lot of things, including archaeological sites and old castles. Let's see why you need to visit it.
Picturesque Naousa town street on Paros island, Greece

4 Greek Islands That Should Be on Your Bucket List

If we could keep only 4 of the total 33 islands of the Cyclades which would they be? These islands should be on your bucket list!
Limonos hills sunrise Lesbos

5 Things Lesbos Is Famous For

Lesbos is the Greek island for everyone, no matter their desire. Here are five things Lesbos is famous for, and you should explore them.

The Most Scary Places to Visit in Greece

1. Old Sanatorium Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Greece? This country is popular for its extremely good weather and stunning beaches, though there are many creepy places to visit. Believe it or...