10 Things Morocco Is Famous for

The North African country also referred to as "gateway to Africa," is known for its extreme diversity. Morocco is also famous for its warm hospitality, ancient cities, tasty dishes, sweeping deserts, beautiful landscape, and creative handmade items.

10 Things South Africa Is Famous For

South Africa is the largest nation in Southern Africa and the world’s 25th largest country by land mass. Fondly called 'The rainbow nation' the second richest African state is home to approximately 56 million inhabitants. The country is famous for its Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Cape Town, among other interest things.

The Most Popular Drinks In Seychelles

With a combination of about 115 islands, Seychelles can be said to be the tropical paradise of the African continent. Here, you’ll be able to discover the best of nature on an island with giant turtles, nature reserve, forests, and a whole lot more. Here are the most popular drinks in Seychelles you’re going to enjoy. 

10 Things Somalia Is Famous For

The country of Somalia lies on the outer edge of Somali Peninsula which is popularly called the "the Horn of Africa." It is labeled as Africa’s most homogeneous country. Somalia is home to approximately 14.3 million inhabitants. The country’s terrain mainly includes highlands, plains, and plateaus.

8 Things Mauritius Is Famous for

Located along the Indian Ocean is a perfect postcard island in the African continent called Mauritius. Mauritius is home to residents of different backgrounds and cuisines.

The Most Popular Drinks In Madagascar

Undoubtedly, Madagascar is a dream destination for tourists. The island, rainforest, desert, hiking, and diving is worth an experience. The cuisine of Madagascar reflects the African culture as well as the drinks. Settling down for a bottle of drink would be great as the country offers the finest of beers, wines, liquors, rums, etc. that can keep you refreshed during your tour. Here are some of the best drinks you can try out in Madagascar.

The Most Popular Drinks in Mauritania

Mauritania isn’t a famous country for drinks because it is a Muslim country. Alcohol is prohibited and strictly forbidden in the country due to Islamic practices, but here are the finest drinks you can find in Mauritania.

The Most Popular Drinks in Mauritius

Although referred to as the paradise island, Mauritius is famous for its diverse culture and the perfect blend of various cuisines. We wouldn’t forget to mention how exciting you will find the drinks produced in the country. You could walk into any bar or store and order for some tantalizing cocktails and refreshing juices. Here is a list of the finest drinks you can find in Mauritius to guide you in your choice of drinks.

10 Things Rwanda Is Famous For

Popularly called the "Land of a Thousand Hills," Rwanda is a country located at the Eastern part of Africa. The country has a lot to offer both locals and visitors such as its natural sceneries, amazing national parks, cultural and touristic centers and so much more.

The Most Popular Drinks In Tunisia

Although its a North African country, if you walk into the restaurants, bars, and cafes in Tunisia, there is every possibility of seeing Tunisians enjoying rounds of drinks and enjoying delicious cuisines. Here are the best drinks can you enjoy most in this North African country.

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