10 Things Uganda Is Famous For

Uganda is a popular country in East Africa widely known for its agricultural products such as cotton, tobacco, and tea. The landlocked nation encompasses several spectacular mountains, lakes, as well as savannas. It is home to a variety of wildlife including mammals, primates, and reptiles. Check out some of the things Uganda is famous for.

10 Things Tunisia Is Famous For

There are so many things you can learn, see and do in this beautiful African country. The delicious cuisines, laid-back ambiance, spectacular ancient architectures, beaches, and Sahara dunes all shows the evidence of possible endless adventure. Here are the top 10 things the North Africa country, Tunisia is famous for.

10 Things Togo Is Famous for

Togo is one of the French-speaking countries in West Africa. The country is known for many things including its history, attraction sites, culture, and commercial activities. Here are the 10 things the amazing country is famous for.

10 Things Tanzania Is Famous For

The beautiful country of Tanzania has many national treasures, exotic wildlife, natural wonders, and picturesque landscapes. Located in eastern Africa, the country has become a popular holiday destination for tourists, from different parts of the globe.

10 Things Swaziland Is Famous For

Swaziland is of the best places in Africa with spectacular landscapes, interesting tradition, hotels and lodges, and abundance of birdlife. The beautiful country also has more than a few well-organized public tourism projects that offer a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the customs and hospitality of the people. Here are the 10 things that Swaziland is famous for.

10 Things South Sudan Is Famous For

The landlocked country in East-Central Africa, South Sudan is currently the newest country as it gained its independence in 2011 from the Republic of Sudan. South Sudan has been widely recognized in the world with its capital in Juba.

10 Things Seychelles Is Famous For

Seychelles can be said to be a paradise on planet Earth. The country is endowed with deep blue waters surrounded by white sandy beaches with interesting sea life. The country is a popular holiday and honeymoon destination visited by numerous tourists including Celebrities. Seychelles, home to 115 islands is Africa’s smallest country with a population of roughly 90,024. Here are some of the things Seychelles is famous for.

10 Things Somalia Is Famous For

The country of Somalia lies on the outer edge of Somali Peninsula which is popularly called the "the Horn of Africa." It is labeled as Africa’s most homogeneous country. Somalia is home to approximately 14.3 million inhabitants. The country’s terrain mainly includes highlands, plains, and plateaus.

10 Things Sierra Leone Is Famous for

The country’s amazing natural attraction sites that draw many visitors include Tiwai Island, Loma Mountains, Tingi Hills Forest Reserve, and Lake Sonfon. Here are some of the popular things that Sierra Leone has to offer the world.

10 Things South Africa Is Famous For

South Africa is the largest nation in Southern Africa and the world’s 25th largest country by land mass. Fondly called 'The rainbow nation' the second richest African state is home to approximately 56 million inhabitants. The country is famous for its Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Cape Town, among other interest things.

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