The Most Popular Drinks in East Timor

East Timor is a place where you will find great food, drinks, and a cool atmosphere. If you are in need of what to drink, you could walk into any bar or restaurant to choose from a wide selection of tantalizing drinks. Before you do that, here is a list of the finest drinks the country has to offer enjoyed by locals and visitors.

The Most Popular Drinks in Qatar

One of the best northern countries in the world where you can spend a perfect holiday with your family is Qatar. The bars and restaurants which offer delicious cuisines make it a place worth spending a holiday. Although the country isn’t really famous for its drinks, the available drinks are really good. Here is a list of the finest drinks in this oil-rich state.

The Most Popular Drinks in India

India is by far, one of the coolest places to be in the world. Over one billion people are living there, they have a rich ancient culture, and entertainment is awesome. Indians also have plenty of local drinks so when you visit, don’t miss any of these. 

The Most Popular Drinks In Mongolia

The extreme climate greatly influences food and drinks in Mongolia. There are different specialties of drink available for travelers to choose from. Depending on when you are visiting, you are likely to come across a few beverages. Here is a list of the best drinks you can find in Mongolia.

10 Things Mongolia Is Famous for

This independent republic called Mongolia is located in Eastern Asia, and it has its capital in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is known for its beautiful mountains though it has areas that are desert. It also has grassy plains supporting the herding and livestock lifestyle of the Mongolians. The country's major economic areas are agriculture and agricultural products processing, and mining. Here are ten things Mongolia is known for all over the world.

10 Things Turkmenistan Is Famous For

Turkmenistan lies in Central Asia, surrounded by the Caspian Sea and mainly covered by the desert of Karakum. The famous tourist has archaeological and eye-popping architecture. Here are Ten 10 things Turkmenistan is famous for.

10 Things the Philippines Is Famous for

Tourism in the Philippines is so big it contributes about 10.6% to the country’s GDP. This is possible because of the well-developed nature of their tourism industry, cultural heritage, and arts. Going on a trip to the Philippines can be adventurous and full of fun.

10 Most Unbelievably Amazing Places in Japan

These are the most breathtakingly beautiful places in Japan. They are all gorgeous and it's hard to believe they're real.

The Most Popular Drinks in Kyrgyzstan

The central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan is an incredible place to be. They offer the very best of tourists’ attractions like mountains, monuments, museums, lakes, ski resorts, and national parks. Visitors to this country will also have the opportunity to taste from their long list of quality drinks. Here are the drinks you should never miss when you get to Kyrgyzstan. 

10 Most Breathtaking Places in China

These are the most beautiful places and landscapes to see in China. They will tak your breath away with how gorgeous they are!