Discover the Culture and Excitement of Bangkok with Thai Airways

Bangkok is a true gem within Southeast Asia. The city is a multicultural meld where tradition meets modernity. The old and the new are comfortable bed fellows in a city that doesn’t sleep. The frantic...

The Most Popular Drinks In Indonesia

As a tourist or a travel enthusiast, your curiosity is hardly complete without the Indonesian culinary experience. Indonesia, with its rich culture, welcomes a first-time visitor to a gallery of culinary adventures with each region having their own mouth-watering identities. Now it seems you’re itching to know; here are some of Indonesia’s iconic drinks.

The Most Popular Drinks in United Arab Emirates

Despite the culture and tradition in UAE, it doesn’t prevent the people of the country from enjoying wide choices of drinks such as cocktails, coffees, and some alcoholic drinks. Even though it’s a Muslim country that follows the rule of Sharia law, consumption of alcohol by non-Muslims is tolerated, which but governed by strict rules. Nevertheless, here are some of the finest drinks that would make your holiday worthwhile in UAE.

10 Most Unbelievably Amazing Places in Japan

These are the most breathtakingly beautiful places in Japan. They are all gorgeous and it's hard to believe they're real.

7 Haunted Places to Visit in Armenia

Phantoms or ghosts do not totally haunt the cities in Armenia but what is left of them are reminders of what was once and will never be. Visiting these places will leave you a feeling of foreboding because they have very dark pasts. These are the scary places to visit in Armenia.

The Most Popular Drink in Vietnam

Coconut Water Source: Link Vietnamese are known for their incredible cuisine. Due to their hot weather, tourists need to learn about their drinks, as they play a huge effect on cooling and relaxation. The people of...

10 Things Nepal Is Famous for

Located in the south-eastern part of Asia, Nepal is widely known for its mountain peaks. The landlocked country between India and China contains eight of the ten world’s highest peaks- this includes mount Kanchenjunga, the world’s third tallest and Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. Here are some other things Nepal is famous for.

The Most Popular Drinks in Taiwan

Taiwan is located in East Asia off the coast of mainland China, southwest of the main islands. It’s surrounded by beautiful subtropical island. It’s one of the best places for relaxation, especially during summertime. These are a list of natural drinks that you will love to try in Taiwan.

6 Haunted Places to Visit in Moscow

Haunted Places in Moscow. Every country has numerous areas where ghosts dwell, and Moscow is not an exception.

The 10 Best Rooftop Bars in Moscow

Moscow's best rooftop bars. The rooftop bars of the city of Moscow are simply incredible - with a wide varitety of high-life rooftop-bars for all tastes.

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