9 Things Maldives Is Famous for

The Maldives is an archipelagic country that sits in the Indian Ocean. When it comes to geography and topography, the tropical nation bears no semblance to other countries in the world. These are some things the Maldives is famous for.

6 Most Scary Places in Thailand

Haunted Places in Thailand. Every country has numerous areas where ghosts dwell, and Thailand is not an exception.

The Most Popular Drinks In Kuwait

Depending on the occasion and the season, there are different drinks you will find in Kuwait, including coffee, tea, and juices that will quench your taste. Alcoholic drinks aren’t available in Kuwait because it is a Muslim country, but nevertheless, here are some of the finest drinks you can settle for in the country.

The Most Popular Drinks in United Arab Emirates

Despite the culture and tradition in UAE, it doesn’t prevent the people of the country from enjoying wide choices of drinks such as cocktails, coffees, and some alcoholic drinks. Even though it’s a Muslim country that follows the rule of Sharia law, consumption of alcohol by non-Muslims is tolerated, which but governed by strict rules. Nevertheless, here are some of the finest drinks that would make your holiday worthwhile in UAE.

The Most Popular Drinks in Singapore

Singapore has a healthy and rich culture of quality drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Singapore is a fun and exciting place to be, with clubs and bars playing music all night long. Here are the most popular drinks in Singapore that you should have in mind and definitely give a try.

10 Things Singapore Is Famous For

Singapore is a city-state with about 5.6 million inhabitants. It is a culturally diversified nation where English language is its lingua franca, although Malay, Chinese, and Tamil are also the official languages of Singapore. The country has many interesting features including its lush greenery surroundings, festivals, and Islands.

The Most Popular Drinks in Nepal

Nepal is widely known for its historical background and culture, including its exquisite cuisine and natural drink. Most Nepali drink recipes are written in one’s mind and not on paper. The exotic taste is very refreshing and healthy too. This is the list of the Nepali drink you won’t want to miss on your visit.

The Most Popular Drinks in Japan

Japan is one of the most exciting places in the world for anyone to be. Apart from being the third-largest economy in the world, they are also people who are advanced in technology and innovation. An important aspect of Japan that many people love is their local drinks. When you visit Japan, here are the most popular drinks you should never miss. 

10 Things Pakistan Is Famous for

Pakistanis are Indians, which is something many people may not be aware of.  The Islamic country situated in South Asia have a population of a little over 200 million, 47% of which are Punjabis. Pakistan is famous for so many things including a strong military and the largest bird sanctuary in Asia.

10 Most Unbelievably Amazing Places in Japan

These are the most breathtakingly beautiful places in Japan. They are all gorgeous and it's hard to believe they're real.