Your honeymoon is your big chance to go on a luxury vacation, guilt free.

It’s the time to get away from your everyday responsibilities with your new spouse, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Research shows that on average, couples spend three times more on their honeymoon than they would on a regular holiday. So, if you’re planning to go all out, and opt for a destination more extravagant than your typical vacation spot, you won’t be the only ones!

Your honeymoon should suit the interests of you and your spouse, after all, what makes a great destination for one couple might be completely uninteresting to another.

If you’re not sure what type of getaway to book, then here are just three types of vacation that make for fantastic honeymoons.

1) Beach Retreat

A beach resort is the most popular honeymoon destination for couples, and with blue seas and white sands, with little to do other than enjoy each other’s company, it’s easy to see why.

From Hawaii to Bali, the South of France to South America, the world is full of beautiful beaches, so it’s understandable if you feel spoiled for choice. Finding the right beach destination can depend on a variety of factors, including both budget and how far you’re willing to travel.

However, if you’re after luxury, and are willing to journey a little further afield, then consider choosing the Maldives for your beach honeymoon. Resorts such as Finolhu offer the ultimate relaxing experience in stunning surroundings. Be sure to come back refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to start your married life.    

2) City Break

The relaxing nature of a beach isn’t everyone’s idea of a great vacation. If you and your new spouse are happiest when you’re on the go, exploring the world around you, then consider choosing a city break for your honeymoon.

The world is full of vibrant cities, steeped in culture and history. From New York to Singapore, London to Sydney, the ideal city for your dream honeymoon is out there.

In fact, typically known for its romance, Paris is an incredibly popular destination for honeymooners. In fact, just this year, celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spent their honeymoon in Paris. If you’re looking for a romantic break for your honeymoon, then follow in the footsteps of many-a newlywed couple and opt for Paris, the city of love.

3) Wildlife Safari

If you and your spouse are nature enthusiasts, then consider a safari honeymoon.

Every day, you’ll get to encounter incredible animals in their natural habitat before returning to a luxury lodge.

Africa in particular is a popular destination for safari goers, and the continent is full of some of the most impressive but endangered wildlife. And, if you don’t want to stop at a safari, you could even consider spending your honeymoon volunteering with organisations that seek to protect them from threats such as poachers and deforestation.

What destination did you choose for your honeymoon? Tell us about your trip in the comments below!

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