Due to its gastronomic variety, its cultural legacy or its technological advances, China becomes one of the most special and varied countries you could meet. If you are still not convinced to undertake a trip to this Asian country, here we give you 7 things China is famous for!

Today China is one of the Asian countries that contrasts due to the historical legacy that remains and the technological changes that can be seen in any region. China is par excellence one of the most emblematic and popular countries around the world. This popularity has increased due to the number of opportunities that have been opened for both nationals and foreigners. Thanks to these opportunities, China has become an ideal destination for shopping, studying, starting negotiations or traveling for pleasure. Anyone is ideal to undertake a trip to this fantastic oriental destination. Here are 7 thing China is Famous for and why it should be your next travel destination.

1. Cultural legacy

Chinese Temple

China is a country that contrasts with its multiculturalism and its rich history that continues to prevail in every region. It is a country that, despite its buildings and technological advances, allows traditions to never disappear. This eastern country has a wide variety of cultural fairs and national celebrations that date back centuries and are par excellence the most followed in the world. For example, the Qingming Festival, the Lantern Festival or the Moon Festival, are some of the festivities that celebrate the most beautiful and important Chinese traditions throughout the country.

2. Culinary variety


Cantonese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines around the world. Despite its extravagance or how unusual the ingredients of some dishes may be, Chinese food is exquisite because it contains beef, chicken, vegetables and legumes.

The best Chinese dishes date back to their ancestors and are often representative of different regions of China. The most popular are the Peking Duck, the Chow Mein, the moon cakes and the Rice Congee without forgetting the wonderful aromatic tea that cannot be missing in your kitchen.

3. International business center

Made in China. Cardboard boxes with text made in China and chine

China is currently a major world power due to the number of trade agreements and imports that are generated daily in every region. In China, you can do business and start production processes to manufacture any type of merchandise. Also, China has a wide variety of trade fairs where it brings together a large number of suppliers. For this reason, China has become one of the most representative trading centers in the world.

4. For its temples and its religion


In many sections of the Chinese territory, there are ancient regions dating back to ancient times where great monuments and temples of Buddhism can be found. These sacred temples consist of constructions of great architectural value and that demonstrate the great cultural appreciation that continues to be preserved in a country that gives way to great technological changes. For example, the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai is one of the most appreciated religious and cultural spaces by tourists, as well as the Forbidden City, an ancient region that remains intact because for many years they were prohibited from entering. Today, it is one of the most representative spaces of ancient China.

5. For its museums and architecture



In China, as well as in every country where its cultural legacy permeates, there is a great variety of museums and architecture that guides all visitors to learn more about the country’s history.¬†For example, the Shanghai museum is one of the largest museums in all of China. This space houses more than 120 thousand pieces from different historical stages of China. On the other hand, you can visit a smaller museum such as the Wuzhen Wood Museum, a space where you can see more than 350 pieces of wood made by ancestors; historical pieces that reflect the quality and art with which they made utensils, showcases and ornaments for the Chinese dynasties.

6. For its spectacular technology

Macau, China

China is known throughout the world for being a place where you can find large avant-garde buildings made with the latest technology. In recent years, the government has dedicated itself to supporting the development of different technological resources to increase the national economy. Due to this, there is the opportunity to meet from skyscrapers with large lights to restaurants or technological spaces where you can buy any type of device, from mobile phones, new resources, applications.

7. For its landscapes

Hong Kong China


Finally, China has all kinds of spectacular landscapes, from deserts to jungles, beaches and meadows adorned with trees such as Ginko or Sakura with beautiful hues that stand out among all the great colors that are seen in the country.


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