1. Conn Barracks

Interesting in exploring the scariest places in Germany? It goes without saying that this country has plenty of it. Many people visit Germany for these locations, as it has a large variety of haunted castles. Although locals try to hide such things, there are many stories that will make you scared to death. First things first, Conn Barracks has a dark story related to Nazis and the terrible things that took place there. It was used as a psych ward and hospital during World War II, where Nazis keep bodies before embalming them. After this period, the USA Army has used the place, and they say that during the night many soldiers have woken up by a Nazi soldier and nurse covered in blood.

Location: Schweinfurt

2. Osnabruck Hunenbetten


The location was in the old times the sight of a pagan temple, and when Charlemagne decided to convert the place to a Christianity church many bad things happened. It was followed by a terrible massacre of people who were against it, and usually, when such events occur in sacred places, there is a strange atmosphere. However, nowadays a ghost on the highest level of the temple is seen by many, as well as some blood stains at the existing rock formations.

Location: Osnabruck

3. Pfaueninsel

A National Park famous for its wildlife located on the south side of Berlin, it is also known for its dark vibe. Many people visit it for its recreation space and spend the weekends, though there is a dark story to follow this location. It is said a 17th-century alchemist, who used to live in the area and did some unusual experiments, to have been transformed into a black figure with red eyes. The story also says that probably he has done black magic, which cost his life. However, it makes his appearance at night or in extremely rainy weather.

Location: Berlin

4. The Waldniel Hostert School

It is absolutely one of the most horrible places in entire Germany, as it was a location when Nazis tortured children with intellectual disabilities. Locals commonly avoid this place, as it has a frightening vibe, according to history. Many claimed that heard desperate voices of children who lost their lives there. It is also seen the ghost of three young people to walk around the building and asking for help.

Location: Nordrhein Westfalen

5. Frankenstein Castle

Last but not least is the known Frankenstein Castle which is also mentioned in the novel of Mary Shelley. The castle is located in a remote area and that’s the reason which makes it even scarier, as the cloudy forested valley is hard to explore. Locals will tell you scary stories about John Conrad Dippel, who was an alchemist born in this castle and used to practice anatomy to dead bodies. Besides, others claimed that at that time a dragon was lived on the ground of the castle.

Location: Muhltal, Hessen

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