The Best Rooftop Bars In Stuttgart

Stuttgart's best rooftop bars. The rooftop bars of the city of Stuttgart are incredible - with a wide variety of high-life rooftop-bars for all tastes.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed in Rome

Rome is a great place for most movies filming because it has beautiful places. Many movies are filmed in Rome or have Roman sites as their backdrop and below are just 5 of these movies:

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Planning to hire a car in Bodrum? Discover the factors that influence car rental prices, including season, car type, and rental duration.

What is Nimes Famous for?

Nimes, an enchanting city nestled in the heart of the Languedoc region in France, exudes an irresistible charm derived from its rich historical legacy, architectural wonders, and captivating local culture. Known as the "Rome...

10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most beautiful cities in Wales.Here are 10 amazing places to see in this incredible port city!

The Best Rooftop Bars in Helsinki

Apart from the lakes found in this city, Helsinki is renowned for its fantastic rooftop bars that offer one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. Paying a visit to one of these rooftop bars located near the lake is a smart way to explore Helsinki. If you aren’t sure of which roof terrace to visit, here is a list of the finest rooftop bars Helsinki has to offer.

6 Most Scary Places in Vienna

Haunted Places in Vienna. Every country has numerous areas where ghosts dwell, and Vienna is not an exception.

10 Things Romania Is Famous for

Romania is located in Southwestern Europe. In folklore, Romania is known as the home of Vlad Tepes popularly referred to as "Vlad the Impaler."  A popular tourist spot in Romania is "Bran Castle." Here are a few things that will make you second guess your opinion of this beautiful country.

Andria With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

Andria is a commune in the southern part of Italy known for its agricultural produce. They are experts in the production of olives, wines, and almonds, with their products reaching the far ends of the world. The commune is also home to some very interesting architectural and landmark marvels, most of which are part of the reasons why we believe it will be an excellent place for you and the kids to spend your next holiday. 

Top 10 Cruises to Santorini

These are the best cruises to take to and around Santorini, in order to enjoy the very best of the amazing island.