Foggia With Kids – The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in...

Spending so, time in Foggia, Italy, is something that everyone should try. With a population of about 150,000 people, the city provides access to quality architecture and natural parks. Here are 5 things we think you and the kids are going to enjoy here. 

The Best Flea Markets in Bari

1. Bari Flea Market Bari is the biggest city in the Apulia Region. In the wider region of Apulia, there is a plethora of flea markets to visit. It goes without saying that the best...

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Sorrento

This coastal town in Italy is famous for its Bay of Naples, which is an irresistible place to behold. Over the past few decades, filmmakers have used the site background for their productions. We've selected the most famous films with locations in Sorrento, Italy, for your enjoyment.

The Most Scary Places to Visit in Luxembourg

1. Ancient Fortress of Bock Luxembourg might be a small Central European country, but has plenty of sites to see. If you are fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Luxembourg, then definitely those...

Top 10 Most Delicious Italian Desserts You Must Taste

Italy is very popular for its cuisine and especially its antipasti and dessert. Below you'll find which are the best and why!

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Palermo

Here are the 10 most interesting and unique places to see in Palermo while visiting! They're all must-see!

The Most Popular Drinks in Portugal

Like most European cultures, food and drink is a part of the Portuguese lifestyle. It’s an important element in festivals, anniversaries, and family gatherings. Portuguese do have their own unique drinks as you’re about to find out.

The 10 Prettiest Streets In Milan

The streets of Milan are known for their unique elements. You will find some of the best city artworks, boutiques, and shopping centers. Find out the 10 prettiest streets in Milan.

10 Reasons to Visit Florence

We must recognize that speaking of Florence we cannot be entirely objective, since we love the city so much. Therefore, we will dare and declare it the most beautiful city in Italy but it has a lot of competition!

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Rhodes

Rhodes is a popular island in Greece famous for its history, cuisine, architecture, and large size. Over the years, filmmakers worldwide have taken advantage of Rhodes Island's beauty to deliver excellent motion picture productions. Here are the most famous movies with locations in Rhodes we advise you to see.

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