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Perhaps, what makes Italy the place to be, more than anything else, is the coastal towns. These magical wonder of the coast are a combination of natural landscape and human construction. They also offer breathtaking views, different cuisines, and set of history. Here are ten coastal towns tourist don’t ever want to miss. One hour drive east of Palermo and you’re already in this idyllic town situated in Sicily. Apart from the beaches that offer a conducive picnic time and relaxed mood, you’ll also enjoy hip nightlife and nice restaurants, especially in the summer months. The name of Cefalù comes from the Greek Kephaloidion which means head, in the sense of limb-summit, and that is why it refers to the rock that is behind the center, high 270 meters, and from which you enjoy a beautiful panorama. From ancient times, this large limestone rock that dominates the inhabited center of Cefalù has created myths and legends. The Greeks said that the poet Daphni, singer of the beauties of nature, became the rock at the time of his death: in other words, he wanted to remain faithful and close to the Sicilian nature he loved so much. Another version tells us that the rock was the site of the battle between Hercules and the Giants (the Phoenicians called it for this reason “Mountain of Hercules”). At the top of the rock is a megalithic building known as the Temple of Diana; It could be linked to a cult of water, because a cistern is also nearby. From the same time of the temple is the megalithic wall tape, from which the remains are seen along the Giudecca reef and near the old Puerta Tierra (which is now Plaza Garibaldi). Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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