The Most Beautiful Squares in Rome

Eternal city of Rome is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Several things make this place thick, including the beautiful squares and piazzas littered everywhere. We’ve selected the ten best of these squares you should never miss while you’re on a vacation.

Tips for Traveling to Manchester for the First Time

If you start to browse the history of Manchester you will realize that it is one of those cities that has always been one step ahead. Its people have always been pioneers and revolutionaries in many ways and that shows in the non-conformist nature of its people. It is a city that has evolved in giant steps in recent decades, so you will find an interesting mix of places steeped in history with buildings that point to the sky with elegant steel and glass structures.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In York

York, a city in England, is famous for so many things including the wall, cathedrals, and of course movie locations. For a very long time, York has been an attractive destination for movie makers because of the inviting atmosphere and rich cultural heritage.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Bath

Bath is a lively and very interesting city in the Somerset county of England. It has a long history and attractive locations that makes it the perfect place to shoot a movie. A number of movies have been made in this place, some of which have achieved international fame and recognition.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Siena

Located in the center of Italy’s Tuscany region, Siena is one of the fascinating places in the whole of Italy. Its wealth of medieval brick buildings, squares, plazas, and other structures makes it an excellent place for a movie location. Here are famous movies shot in this location.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Cambridge

Cambridge is a university city in England and is known all over the world as the citadel for knowledge and learning. It also offers so many ancient buildings and rich in culture that made it attractive as a place to make a movie. Here are some of the famous movies set in Cambridge.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Bologna

Bologna is an important city situated in the Northern part of Italy. It has so many beautiful places including classical buildings, huge gothic churches, and monumental fountains. For these reasons, some movies have been made and here are the most popular ones.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most interesting destinations in England. Apart from being a maritime city, it also offers incredible landscape, Gothic-style buildings, and its home to world acclaimed musical group, the Beatles. Over the years, it has served locations of famous movies some of which you’re about to learn.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Turin

Apart from architecture and cuisine, Turin is also a wonderful place where great movies where set. Cool atmosphere, well-planned streets, and important buildings and monuments. For these reasons, Turin has played host too many famous movies which have been filmed fully or partially in the city.

The Most Famous Movies Filmed In Brighton

Brighton has attracted several film production companies across the world to its charming scenery. This city offers diverse landscapes, architecture, as well as welcoming residents, among others. Quite a number of movies have been filmed in Brighton some of which are blockbusters. Here are some of the most famous movies filmed in Brighton.