5Cypriot Coffee

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The island of Cyprus is so much fun that many people don’t ever want to go back home. What makes it that great is their food, culture, and the local drinks that are unique to that environment. When you’re in Cyprus, we advise you to try some of these drinks and when you do, you will never regret. This is the national drink of the people of Cyprus. The Cypriot Coffee is made by adding coffee beans to cold water before being boiled to produce a creamy foam at the top. The drink is very famous since it is served in pubs, bars, and restaurants in almost every corner of the country. You should also know there are a couple of variations you can demand. You can ask for the Sketo, which is a plain coffee with no sugar, strong and bitter. Other people like the Metrio that contains only one sugar added. Glyko usually comes with two sugars added, so it is sweet. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!