This list of recommendations and tips for traveling to Florida is a compilation that I noted down during my trip through “The Sunshine State”. Here are all the important tips to travel to Florida without complications.

1. Best time to travel to Florida

Miami Beach,Florida

The good months to visit Florida are between November and May. However, in my opinion, the best time to travel to Florida is from March to April. The rainy season takes place between the months of June and September, however they are storms that fall in the afternoon-night, fleetingly and generally quickly… so in general we could say that any time is good to travel to Florida. As a fact to add, one of the most important tips to travel to Florida that you have to take into account are the months with the risk of hurricanes. Hurricane season in Florida is usually between July and October.

2. Speed ​​cameras on the Overseas Highway

If you are thinking of going to Key West, one of the best tips to travel to Florida that you have to know is that the 170 kilometers of the Overseas Highway, which goes over the sea, is mined by policemen who station themselves on the highway with mobile radars. Along the entire highway, stay very close to the speed limit. Some locals told us about it at one of the stops we made on this road and indeed, we saw several patrols doing checks! Be very careful with the deer too.

3. How tolls work


One of the tips to keep in mind when traveling to Florida by car is to make sure that the car rental company includes the SunPass pass, which is an automatic reader that electronically detects tolls and pays them. In Florida, the classic barrier toll does not exist. Now, how much are tolls in Florida? Well, it depends on the rental company. In that link that I leave you here you can check the rates. But come on, I’ll tell you in advance that the maximum per rental does not exceed $20, so you can swell up to do kilometers throughout the state that will be your maximum in tolls.

4. Disney and Universal Tickets

Everyone who goes to Orlando is to visit Disney and Universal, so of all the practical advice for traveling to Florida, the best I can give you is the one related to how to get tickets for Disney and Universal.

5. Stay with the 4D

Jupiter Florida Inlet

One of the best tips for visiting the amusement parks in Florida that I can give you is to focus on the 4D attractions that you will not find at Eurodisney or anywhere else other than Orlando. In my opinion, if you have been to Eurodisney, I would leave out the Magic Kingdom because it is VERY similar and in Paris it is much cheaper. If you want my opinion, if you travel to Florida and pay the price of their tickets, I would bet more on Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The Avatar and Starwars 4D attractions are AMAZING and only in Orlando.

And as for Universal… three quarters of the same. Taking into account that Universal’s Volcano Bay is aquatic, focus on the 4D attractions of the classic Universal Studios and the Island of Adventure. And I say focus, because the queues to access the attractions are long and the time in these parks is… gold!

6. Typical Florida food

Tampa Florida Skyline

It is true that the United States cannot boast of “culinary delights”, however, in the state of Florida there are a series of dishes that you should try if you have the opportunity: rock crab or blue crab; the “Shrimp and grits”, which are prawns with corn grits; the Cuban Sandwich; or alligator tail, fried or grilled. As a typical dessert, you have to try the key lime pie, especially in Key West, where it is more typical. You know, add these delicacies as some of the best recommendations to travel to Florida!

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