Good news for travelers: COVID-related travel bans in the United States are now a thing of the past. Since November 2021, the country has allowed fully vaccinated visitors to enter the country and experience its wonders. And because domestic travel restrictions have also been lifted, visitors are free to can include an unlimited choice of cities and towns in their itinerary: from bright Las Vegas to bustling Los Angeles and sandy Atlantic City.

One of the best things to do in the United States is to walk into a casino and play an action-packed game of poker. The country has some of the best poker rooms in the world, each brimming with energy and boasting of luxury. Below, we’ve listed the top poker rooms in the United States.

The Venetian

The Venetian remains one of the most famous establishments in the world. Previously owned by Las Vegas Sands, the Venetian and its neighboring establishments, The Palazzo and Sands Expo, have since been acquired by Apollo Global Management. The casino is known for its Italian-inspired aesthetic, which manifests itself in everything from the building’s painted sky ceilings to its romantic store facades to its intricate canal system.

The Venetian also has one of the most renowned poker rooms in the city of Las Vegas. Open every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 AM, the poker room at the Venetian combines elegance with convenience. Its spacious card room remains one of the biggest in the world at 35 tables, which makes it a fantastic venue for poker tournaments. Each month, the Venetian hosts the DeepStack Poker Series, a popular poker tournament whose events guarantee six-figure winnings.

The Bicycle Casino

The famous city of Los Angeles isn’t just known for its star-studded population. A close second to Vegas when it comes to flamboyance, Los Angeles is home to a number of fantastic casinos. Among its most famous gaming establishments is The Bicycle Hotel and Casino. Also known as “The Bike,” The Bicycle Casino has one of the best poker rooms in Los Angeles. The spacious casino floor contains about 185 card tables, making it the single biggest card room in the world. Because The Bike is extremely popular among travelers, visitors can encounter just about any type of poker player in its halls, be it pros, casual players, or high-stakes grinders.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Most tourists are surprised to know that the biggest casinos in the United States aren’t in Vegas. Taking the number one spot at 600,000 square feet is the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma. And taking the number two spot at 340,000 square feet is the poker haven Foxwoods Resort Casino, a mammoth of an establishment located in Connecticut.

The largest poker room in the East Coast, Foxwoods Resort Casino’s 94 tables run for 24 hours a day seven days a week playing every poker variant imaginable, including the popular games of Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, and Stud. More competitive players would be delighted to discover that Foxwoods hosts high-stakes tournaments daily, for buy-ins that range between $60 to $300.

Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa

Atlantic City is often referred to as the Las Vegas of the East Coast. However, the city shouldn’t be pigeonholed as a second-rate Vegas: its seaside views and world-class establishments give it its own unique charm. In the city lies the famous Borgata Hotel Casino And Spa, which itself houses another of the East Coast’s best poker rooms. Borgata’s poker room contains 85 tables and offers games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud. It’s a common stop for the World Poker Tour, making it a popular destination for traveling poker fans.

Traveling for gaming experiences, however, can get a little expensive. Cheap USA travel tips can help you allocate your budget wisely so that you can dedicate your funds to a proper American poker room experience.

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