Chios is one of the top islands in Greece that children will love to be. It offers so much for visitors, including clean beaches, exciting cultural heritage, and ancient villages with the most inspiring architecture. Here are things we think you and the kids would like to see and do on this island.

The Chios Mastic Museum

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Your adventure in Chios is not complete until you’ve visited the Chios Mastic Museum. The place provides visitors with a comfortable and warm welcome, with an opportunity to learn and have fun. The exhibitions here are well arranged to make it easier for people to access it. Apart from the fact that the building is extremely well maintained, the details of the history of Chios are also properly displayed, providing a source of knowledge for the young and adults.


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Chios is the fifth-largest island in Greece, so it provides a number of beaches for visitors to choose from. These beaches are known for so many quality features, including clean waters, facilities, umbrellas, and a place to eat. Mavra Volia is a volcanic beach that offers a unique experience for people who like to swim. Uniform dark pebbles, clean waters, a stunning environment, and an unbelievable view of the Aegean Sea are the reasons why you and the kids will love it. Paralia Vroulidia is a small isolated beach that has become a sensation among tourists. Apart from taking part in beach activities and enjoying incredible sunlight, you will also have access to a bar for quality food and drinks. The beach can be reached by hiking.

Chios Castle

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Children love the sight of castles because it triggers their sense of adventure and love for mystery. The Chios castle will get them busy as they walk around learning about the history of the castle and its importance to the survival of the people of Chios. You will also be able to explore Turkish baths which are located on the north side of the castle. The architecture itself is an excellent work of art, and visitors like to explore by walking. If you feel tired, there are cafes and shops where you can get a cup of coffee. Another aspect of the castle you should explore is the old wall gates, which are fascinating and exciting in many ways.

Abandoned Village Of Anavatos

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You will find this village about 16km from Chios. The fact that the village is abandoned makes it even more mysterious, and the kids will get very busy exploring the entire place on foot. The village was created in the byzantine era. It served as a place for watching for enemy attacks, so the people can prepare for what is coming. The village was abandoned after the 1822 massacre that led to the death of thousands of people, and of course the earthquake of 1881. Anavatos is located on a mountain peak, so it offers a great opportunity to see the entire landscape of Chios from a hilltop.

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