If you found yourself in Craiova, there is more you can do than you ever imagined. The city is cool, clean, and quite accommodating, especially for visitors who have come to explore the city and its beauty. Craiova has a number of great places for you to have fun, and we have selected the most unique rooftop bars for your enjoyment.


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When you’re looking for a place to enjoy your evening and eat some great food in the city of Craiova, Iberico remains one of the best options for you to explore. The restaurant is popular for being a quality destination where people can eat the best of what the Romanians have to offer. They provide quality meals like Pork ribs that are brilliant, soft and crispy with sweet & sour sauce. You can also order for beer, including local Romanian craft beer like Zanagu, which is a great option for your enjoyment.

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