It’s a good idea that you have chosen Manchester as the perfect place to enjoy the holiday with your kids. There are plenty of things for them to do, from the Museum of Science to TeamSport Karting. Here are the best places to have that glorious family fun in the city of Manchester.

TeamSport Karting

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If you’re in for some adrenalin kart racing then, the TeamSport Karting is the right place to be. Located on Wharfside Way, Manchester, the place offers some 450 meters of the track allowing anyone behind the wheel to move at 40mph. Kids and adults can take a ride here at the same price. This place is right for your kids because it offers the opportunity to compete and gain superior skills.

Inflata Nation

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No kid sets their eyes on this place and doesn’t go crazy. Inflata Nation is a theme park filled with bouncing castles, vertical drops, crazy bumpy slides, and the strength testing tipping slide, and so many other fun activities. It is recommended for kids of all ages; even toddlers have a place here accompanied by their parents of course. Inflata Nation represents the epitome of indoor fun and the opportunity for kids to jump and leap in the biggest bouncing castle they have ever seen in their life.

CBBC Interactive Tour

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BBC is one of the biggest and oldest broadcasting stations in the world. This is the best place for you to spark that interest in that child, to go into broadcasting or filmmaking. The interactive tour takes kids behind the scenes of how the station is run, so they can enjoy themselves to the maximum. They are also going to learn a lot, which will inspire them to explore careers in different fields of media.

Chester Zoo

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Help your children learn about the wonderful world around them by seeing the best of other creatures. The Chester Zoo is a fascinating place for kids, allowing them to see the world from a more interesting perspective. The zoo has plenty of animals, including Andean Bear, Babirusa, Lemur, Cheetah, Buffalo, Chimpanzee, Giraffe, and lots more. The management of the zoo, over the decades, has taken the pain to include rare animals, so your kids are going to be seeing a lot of new species here for the first time. The zoo also takes good care of the animals, so they are always in good condition at all times.

Science and Industry Museum

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Help kids learn about the amazing world of science by taking them to this wonderful place. The museum has amazing features on display, including the temporary exhibition of the sun. It’s a place to learn about how industry and science are able to connect and provide an essential capacity that has transformed the world into what it is today. Here, your kids are also going to get hands-on, taking part in practical science events that will expand their minds. There is also a place for them to explore science fiction as well.

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