10Fiskargrand, Visby, Sweden

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The most charming streets you’ll ever see. Each country and city these streets belong in are magical! Visby is the only walled city in Sweden and has a remarkable history as a shopping center. The Pippi Longstocking series was shot in this town, and here you can visit the house of Pippi Langstrump. A good option as an excursion from Stockholm.Visby, a medieval town on Sweden’s Gotland island with its beginnings around 900 AD and with a rich medieval history relates to Swedish territory only by plane and ferry which are not missing. After a pleasant 3-hour journey, you will be presented with a magnificent view of the ancient city with its wall and the 12th-century Visby Cathedral dedicated to Saint Mary and several other churches built after the 13th century. After exploring the surrounding wall, especially its northern part, do not forget to make a stop at the city’s Botanical Garden, with its amazing beauty, freshness, flowering and the mesmerizing aroma of the many colorful flowers forwarded to Fiskargrand. Fiskargrand, Vesby’s pearl for its natural beauty, is one of the most photographed places by guests. Walking the narrow cobblestone streets and lush buildings lined with all kinds of colorful flowers and pleasing fragrance can not don’t put on your album these beautiful looks. Fiskargrand, one of the most photographed streets near the city’s Botanical Garden and about 100m from the ocean, is a peaceful place with all the ideal conditions for enjoying a group or family vacation. This is also due to its location near cultural hotspots, restaurants and shopping. Of all this Vesby is rightly called “The City of Roses”. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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