10 Things Liechtenstein Is Famous for

Liechtenstein is a microstate located in Europe. The citizens of Liechtenstein speak German and the country is ruled by a Prince. Hence its motto ‘For God, Prince and Fatherland.’ It is the last remaining kingdom of the Roman Empire and these are some interesting facts about Liechtenstein that you should know.

10 Things Slovenia Is Famous for

The Republic of Slovenia is mountainous region located in Central Europe. A pierced bone of cave bear believed to be the first musical instrument in the world was found in Slovenia. Here are some things Slovenia is famous for.

10 Things San Marino Is Famous for

San Marino is skirted by North-Central Italy and it is known for its historic sites. The capital of the country is also named San Marino which is located on the slope of a mountain, Monte Titano. The official language of San Marino is Italian and these are some amazing facts that you should know about the country.

10 Things Florence Is Famous for

Florence is the capital of Tuscany, a region of Italy. Florence is home to numerous Renaissance masterpieces and beautiful architecture. It has a population of 383,000. Florence is popularly referred to as “Firenze” by foreigners especially book authors. These are ten things Florence is famous for.

10 Things Montenegro Is Famous for

Montenegro is one of the countries located along the Adriatic Sea. It is also located close to the Balkan Mountain and has beaches, beautiful old villages, and glacial lakes. It might be one of the smallest countries in Europe but it has so much to offer. Here are ten facts you should know about Montenegro.

10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in St. David’s

Here are the 10 most beautiful places you must see when you visit Wales' St. David's.

10 Things Malta Is Famous for

Malta is a country that has so many islands along the Mediterranean Sea. The official language of Malta is Maltese, however, the citizens also speak English. There are so many beaches and historical sites in Malta. Here some other awesome facts about Malta that you should know about.

10 Most Beautiful Forests in Belgium

Belgium is a picturesque town located in Europe.  It is known for its buildings which date back to the 16th century, gothic quarters and its beautiful forests. There are so many beautiful and magical forests in Belgium, and these are the most beautiful.

10 Things Luxembourg Is Famous for

Luxembourg also known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a country in the western part of Europe. The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg City. In 1995 and 2007 respectively, Luxembourg City became the first city to be named ‘European Capital of Culture’ twice. These are ten things Luxembourg is famous for.

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Newry

Here are the 10 most interesting or beautiful places to see in Northern Ireland's Newry!

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