5Slovenian Craft Beer

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Known for their mountains, ski resorts, and lakes, Slovenia offers visitors the very best of holiday destination. Apart from their natural habitat, you’ll also be able to enjoy their drinks. Here are the most popular Slovenia drinks you should try out. You can eat Slovenian food without having their craft beer nearby. Slovenians are crazy about their beer, which is why you will find it everywhere you go. Currently, the dominant brands are the likes of Lasko and Union beer, but there is an upsurge of new microbreweries everywhere. Anywhere you go across this country; you’ll find private breweries making quality beer drink you’ll always love to enjoy with your food. Many microbreweries are offering fresh beer-making ideas but don’t ever miss Grim Reaper IPA and Warrior Pale, because they are two of the best. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!