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In Georgia, drinking is an essential cultural practice, and it is said to have a history of the oldest evidence of winemaking discovered there. The Georgians are also known for their incredible hospitality service towards guest and tourist too. In other words, wine plays an essential part in the hospitality industry. They have some good traditionally wine, which symbolically makes the guest feel very welcoming and accommodating. Here are the top best drinks the Georgians never joke with. This is Georgia’s most popular brandy; it’s a bright and strong alcoholic drink with 40% alcohol and commercially produced to 65% for homebrew. It’s commonly produced from unripe or wild grapes while its other natural common fruits and herb combined are tangerines, oranges, and mulberries. They call it ‘grape vodka’ or ‘Georgian vodka grappa.’ Many Georgians use chacha for cleaning because of the medicinal properties. It helps alleviate some ailments, including ear blockage and indigestion and also face aches. Chach also cures stomach pains by applying it on the abdomen. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!