1. Dragsholm Castle

Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Denmark? It is about time to freak you out! A country with plenty of territories with excellent location and fascinating castles, where you can find everything that you are searching for! The perfect destination for Halloween or any other time of the year that you wish to give you some serious goosebumps. Dragsholm Castle is one of the most famous castles in Denmark, especially for the spooky stories related to the location. The castle was home to more than 100 ghosts, which during the 13th century was a noble prison. You can find there ghosts of madmen, revolutions, and a horse-drawn carriage.

Location: Dragsholm

2. Abandoned Theme Park

There is nothing creepier than a fun theme park to be haunted! The Park was opened in 1980 and it was the place for a family to have fun. However, after some years of functioning, the owner of the theme park bankrupt, and the park was closed. Since then, it is the place where many people visit for ghost hunting and searching for creepy stories related to the reason of the unused territory of the park.

Location: Aarup

3. Samso Labyrinth

One of the scariest locations in Denmark is the Samso Labyrinth. The location is full of high and thick trees and the perfect place to go ghost hunting. The most suitable time of the year to visit that place is in autumn, where there are plenty of tours to go explaining the wild landscape. There are plenty of turns and ways to get lost, dead ends, and confusing twists. Scary isn’t it?

Location: Samso Island

4. Abandoned Military Facility

You can definitely imagine how an abandoned military facility could look like, but this one is unique, and it seems like movie scenery. The building was abandoned in 2008, and since then it is open to the public for visiting. You can see during the visit dusty phones, books, and old coffee cups. Besides, there will be a tour to guide you and tell the story about the place.

Location: Auderod

5. Voergaard Castle

A place where ghosts are permanent visitors and a long story of the castle are some of the reasons to pay a visit to this place. The ancestors of the castle were some kind of tyrants, and there are many terrifying stories regarding the bad things they were doing. One popular ghost hunt the place today is the ghost of the last owner of the castle, Ingeborg Skeel. So, if you ever visit the location you might be lucky and see him.

Location: North Jutland


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