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If you want to enjoy standard South American cuisine with some Brazillian influence, then a visit to Paraguay will be worthwhile. Apart from its delicious cuisines, Paraguay is famous for its drinks like tea, coffee, juices, soft drinks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. You can stroll into any clubs or bars in the country and settle for any of these drinks, but before you do that, here is a list of the finest drinks in Paraguay you should definitely try out. Although known to be the national drink of Paraguay, Mate is also a traditional drink in other South American countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil. It is made by an infusion of dried leaves of yerba mate, even though it contains mateine (an analog of caffeine). The drink is served in a hollow calabash gourd among a group of friends in bars sipping it from a special metallic drinking straw called ‘Bombilla.’ Mate is sold under different trade names in other countries where it can be found but commonly sold as ‘Cruz de Malta’ (Maltese cross) in Paraguay. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!