The central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan is an incredible place to be. They offer the very best of tourists’ attractions like mountains, monuments, museums, lakes, ski resorts, and national parks. Visitors to this country will also have the opportunity to taste from their long list of quality drinks. Here are the drinks you should never miss when you get to Kyrgyzstan.


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Kyrgyzstan people are very traditional, having developed and maintained several aspects of their culture for centuries. One of the drinks that have been with them for a long time is the Koumiss. It is made from a cow’s milk or Mare’s milk, poured into a bag to ferment, and then served to people. Koumiss is a drink with a strange taste, as people who have experienced it say it tastes sweet, sour, and bitter all at the same time.


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There is nothing more popular in Kyrgyzstan than Vodka. It is loved by the young and the elderly and considered to be a traditional thing. While there are many Muslims in the country, it is still a common way of enjoying the evening with friends. However, if you’re going for Vodka, you should ensure you buy it from the state-run stores. You have to be very careful about the kind of Vodka you drink as many varieties cause serious hangovers or may even lead to a major medical emergency.


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Aside from Vodka, beer is another top drink that is very popular in the country. Many people who come here like to try out the traditional Kyrgyz drinks like bozo and kymyz, because of their popularity. You can also go for the Soviet-style beer like Nasheб, or the newer brands —Arpa, Zhivoe, and Topos. Drinking beer is a huge part of the daily lifestyle and experience of the people so; you too can join in the fun and experience the very best of life.


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Another quality drink you can enjoy here in Kyrgyzstan is the Balsaam. The popular drink is made from local herbs and spices and was introduced and made popular from the times of the Soviets. Although slightly alcoholic, the drink is regarded and trusted for its medical properties and capacities, as it is often used in the treatment of colds, coughs, and other ailments. Varieties are also made available for consumers. For example, the drink is sometimes mixed with coffee, Vodka, and tea, which gives it a different and livelier taste.

Sweet Wine And Champagne

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In Kyrgyzstan, there is a healthy collection of top-quality sweet wine and champagne, of which are made locally. The country grows grapes, and many of these are converted to wines and champagnes for consumption by the locals. Many visitors avoid these drinks, but you would do yourself a lot of good if you try them out. The drinks are not only delicious, but they represent a fun and exciting moment where people gather together and drink while talking about society, history, politics, and current affairs.

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