The world’s longest country has a little bit of everything – deserts, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes. From beautiful landscapes, world-renowned beer, it’s an amazing culture of art and history and famous Chilean food, the country is to be on every Traveler’s Bucket list. This grandeur is especially seen in the imaginative and unconventional drinks of all time devoured in Chile. It is an absolute travesty to eat a meal without some drink. Here are some of the most popular beverages in Chile you should never miss.


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Carménère is the emblematic wine of Chile, much like Malbec is to Argentina. The Carménère vines were imported into Chile from Bordeaux in France. In 1867, after the Phylloxera plague wiped out most of the vineyards of Europe the Carménère was considered extinct. It was only rediscovered in Chile in the mid-1990s after being mistaken for Merlot. This red wine is soft and rounded. It has floral aromas as well as berry flavors with hints of smoky tobacco. Carménère is one of the most delicious Chilean drinks that you should not miss!

Vino Pipeño

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This is a sweet wine made from young grapes. It undergoes a short fermentation process and is typically inexpensive. It can be drunk solo or in La Piojera’s famous terremoto, which is a drink made using pipeño, pineapple ice cream and sometimes pisco

Meno Con Hesillos

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It is hot for most of the year in Chile, and chilled drinks are the choicest of all. The juice is peach nectar flavored with sugar and cinnamon. In the juice are a few huge chunks of peach and husked wheat. This drink is sold from small stands on the street, parks, restaurants, and street fairs. This is one of the most popular traditional Chilean non-alcoholic drinks. The best part about mote con huesillo is that it is a drink that you can eat as well. Mote con huesillos is so important to Chilean culture, so much that it has inspired its very own play


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While wine is what most people typically think of when they think of Chile, their beer should not be overlooked. Chilean beer has a strong German influence, so expect a number of carefully made lagers. The beers are named after the famous landmarks in Chile. Kunstmann is another big player in the beer industry, and visitors can go to their cervecería and sample a number of beers.


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Chicha is a sweet wine typically made from fermented grapes or apples. It is one of the most traditional legendary Chilean drinks consumed on Chile’s National Day, also referred to as fiestas patrias. This holiday is celebrated on September 18th and marks the beginning of independence from Spain. On this day, Chile’s President will make a toast with Chicha during the military parade. It is not common to find this Chilean drink outside of this period, and you may need to search for it. Locals drink Chicha out of the traditional horn called cacho de chincha.

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