Germans have their own way of having fun. If you find yourself in the city of Stuttgart and you’re wondering what to do, the rooftop bars is a nice place for you to rest your body and soul. Here you can enjoy incredible meals and drinks while viewing the city’s electrifying skyline.

4Sky Beach Stuttgart

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If you asked 100 people where you can have fun on a rooftop in Stuttgart, 98 of them are most likely going to say ‘Sky Beach Stuttgart.’ This place is not just the best rooftop bar but also the destination with the most interesting and engaging crowd you could ever meet. Just like the name suggests, it’s a beach in the sky, with sand, beach loungers, benches, palm trees, and umbrellas. You can stretch your legs while having the fun of your life drinking cocktails ordered from the bar. During the summer, many tourists like to end up in this place after a long day of exploring the city down below. There is also great music, so no dull moment of any kind.

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