The famous professional football club, Liverpool F.C., attracts people from all over the world to the beautiful city of Liverpool. The city is a maritime city in northwest England and is known as the most successful footballing city in the whole of the country. Games are best enjoyed over a bottle of drink. There are several rooftop bars in Liverpool where you can chill out and explore the finest drinks and cuisines while watching a game. Here are the best rooftop bars you will find in the city.

Carpathia Bar and Restaurant

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This is one of the most visited rooftop bars in the city. Carpathia bar, also referred to as ‘the master of sophistication’, offers delicious cuisines ranging from traditional meat and gravy dishes to seafood delicacies. You will find the cocktails and champagnes amazing as it is lovingly garnished with fruits and herbs. The stunning view from the roof suites the elegant presentation of each meal, as well as the interior decors and balcony views of Liverpool landmarks.

Goodness Gracious

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If you want to take some nice pictures and post on Instagram then Goodness Gracious is the best place you should be. This is a secret roof garden located on the 8th floor of West Africa House. Here you can show off the typical Liverpool style. The glorious view enables you to see the city at large and the waterfront. You wouldn’t want to miss the refreshing cocktails offered there while nailing the perfect Instagram pics.


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Hus is a newly opened rooftop bar on Tithebarn Street. It is a suitable place to enjoy a drink in the sunshine and feel relaxed in comfortable deck chairs as well as the forest grass. You will find the bar opened on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, especially when the weather is warm. Burger and hot dog days are days you wouldn’t want to miss as you will be opportune to have a bite and also have a part of their cocktail menu. The terrace is a beautiful thing to behold as it gives you a perfect view of the skyscrapers in the city.

The Garden of Eden Rooftop Bar at The Shankly Hotel

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The Garden of Eden rooftop bar embedded in the Shankly hotel is a nice spot you should be while visiting Liverpool. You will find a lot of celebrities all over the city converge at this place. The bar offers you a stunning panoramic view of the city from the beautiful garden terrace to waterfronts and other nice places. Do not forget to have a taste of the tantalizing drinks the bar has to offer.

The Attic

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The best spot to spend a weekend in Liverpool with a chilled bottle of beer is ‘The Attic.’ It is known as one of the best bars in the city and often regarded as more of a terrace than a rooftop bar. The great music and cool atmosphere make it a place worth visiting. You will find the place easily accessible and the drinks quite affordable.

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