If you want to enjoy the best Caribbean cuisine, then you should pay a visit to Barbados. There are sumptuous dishes and fine drinks in Barbados which has contributed to its reputation of being “The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean”. You have a wide range of options on their menu that will make your vacation a pleasant one. Meanwhile, here are the best drinks the country has to offer.

Rum Punch

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Rum punch is a famous drink in Barbados that you can find in any grocery store within the country. The word ‘punch’ is derived from an Indian word which means ‘five’. The cocktail is an island paradise that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You can simply prepare it by placing ice cubes in tall grasses. Add lime juice and sugar syrup then stir. You can also add rum and water (or Passionfruit juice), then stir again. Finally, add bitters and nutmeg on top and serve immediately. It is an ideal drink for a day out on the beach.

Pale Lager

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Just as other countries of the world enjoy beer, so it is in Barbados. Pale Lager is the most famous beer in Barbados. It is a very pale-to-golden-colored lager beer with a varying degree of noble hop bitterness. Pale Lager is brewed by Banks Barbados Brewery, a popular brewery in the country. In most pubs or bars in Barbados, there is every possibility to see one or two beer lovers enjoying this beer on their table. It is mostly enjoyed among friends and can as well be found in any stores and outlets throughout Barbados. You shouldn’t miss out on this beer while in the country.


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One of the most widely consumed drinks in Barbados is Mauby. It is known as a favorite of the people because it is said to contain many health benefits. Mauby is produced from sugar and the bark of a small tree which gives it an acquired taste. The drink isn’t only exceptional to Barbados but can be found in other Caribbean islands. Mauby can simply be prepared homemade but most people in the country usually buy the drink as syrup and add water to it. It contains the following health benefits such as a reduction in cholesterol, treatment in diarrhea, and may help fight diabetes.

Coconut Water

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Another popular drink in Barbados that would definitely make your vacation a perfect one is Coconut water. Nothing is as refreshing as coconut water as the temperatures all year round in Barbados are usually warm. The drink can be gotten easily as numerous coconut trees surround the country. You will mostly see this drink as a companion of people having a lovely time at the beach. Coconut drink is something you shouldn’t fail to explore while in Barbados.

Golden Apple Juice

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If you want to enjoy the best apple juice in the country, then Golden Apple juice is the right choice for you. The juice comes from a seasonal fruit known as Golden Apple fruit which can be seen from September to December. Golden Apple juice is a nice combination to complement any meal.

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