What is Swaziland Famous/Known For?

10Sibebe Rock

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Swaziland is one of the best places in Africa with spectacular landscapes, interesting tradition, hotels and lodges, and an abundance of birdlife. The beautiful country also has more than a few well-organized public tourism projects that offer a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the customs and hospitality of the people. Here are the 10 things that Swaziland is famous for.  Sibebe Rock is known as the world’s second largest exposed granite dome. The photo does not do justice how massive it is. It lies about 10 km outside Mbabane and it is usually not crowded by a lot of tourists and visitors. More than three billion years old, Sibebe Rock is a nice place for hiking. You can take a round trip hike of about 4 hours with a local guide. If it’s your first time at the rock, it will be a blast of an experience. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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