4Turin Palace Hotel Open-Air Terrace

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For so many reasons, the city of Turin offers exceptional holiday adventure for everyone. One of its most attractive tourist destinations is the rooftop bars where the best of nightlife can be experienced. There are foods to eat, drinks to consume, and plenty of opportunities for you to experience. Here are the Turin rooftop bars you should never miss.  Every terrace on top of a roof in Turin has something special about them and Turin Palace Hotel is not an exception. On the 6th floor lies the open-air terrace where you can get a quality drink and enjoy, alone or with a friend. As a guest, you can choose either the covered sitting section or the open-air area, depending on your desires. Sometimes, hotels with a terrace only allow people who are lodging to make use of the lounge. In the case of this rooftop bar, everyone is welcomed. Just make sure that you inform the staff you’re coming to the bar at the roof, and you will be served accordingly. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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