6Gran Paradiso National Park

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A country of mountainous peaks surrounded by seas is hardly ever going not to have national parks of wonder. From Monti Sibillini to the Gran Paradiso, the only thing on your mind when exploring these locations will be Eden. Here are Italy’s most stunning parks that will take your breath away. Named after the Gran Paradiso mountain, this magnificent Italian location has so much to offer visitors. Mountain heights are sprawling into the sky and tiny water pools. The park was created to protect Alpine Ibex. The first Italian national park covers 70,000 hectares of high mountain territory, between 800 meters of trough and 4,061 meters of Gran Paradiso. The history of the park is linked to the protection of the Alpine ibex, which already in 1856 King Vittorio Emanuele II had saved from extinction by declaring these mountains Royal Game Reserve; The king also created a body of specialized guards and had a road layout built for wildlife protection and facilitate excursions. In 1920, the king donated the reserve to the Italian State, to create a national park. Two years later, the Gran Paradiso National Park was founded. In the forests of the trough there are larches, red firs, pine trees and white firs. As it rises, the trees give way first to alpine pastures, rich with flowers in spring, and then to rocks and glaciers. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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