The Middle Eastern country of Bahrain is one of those countries you want to spend a few days on your holiday. This island nation in the Persian Gulf has a rich history, interesting architecture, and a whole lot of drinks you would enjoy.


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Also known as Arab Coffee, Qahwah is the national drink of the people of Bahrain. It is brewed from Coffea Arabica beans and is so popular around the world that it holds about 70% of the market. There are different methods of brewing this drink, depending on the area you’re staying. Whatever the case, it’s the perfect kind of drink you want to try out before heading for sightseeing and other daily activities you might have planned. Cups are served very hot and poured only to halfway. Qahwah is used extensively in celebrations and hospitality, fortune-telling, and funerals.


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Just like coffee, tea drinking in Bahrain is also very common and forms an important part of the culture. Black tea is very common, especially in the hospitality and tourism industry. It is taken with or without milk and consumed for the main purpose of relaxation and also for nutrients, as you get to derive vitamins and minerals from it. Guests love to partake in tea drinking in their hotel rooms because it offers them the opportunity to have a taste of tea in the Bahraini way. Tea is not just served in hotels but also at restaurants, bars, and other places where you could find fun and adventurous activities to engage in.


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This Buttermilk happens to be a very tasty choice for many people who pay a visit to countries in the Middle East. Laban is made from cow’s or goat’s milk which has first been churned into butter before further processing is worked on it. Laban in Bahrain is consumed as a beverage, taken especially after a meal. Also, people make use of it as an ingredient in the preparation of meals, and it’s used by cooks for the preparation of soups and sauces. Some people may find it difficult to accept Laban as a choice of drink because it is made from milk. Interestingly, Laban is very healthy and has plenty of nutritional benefits. It doesn’t contain trans-fat or cholesterol, so it’s good for the heart. Laban is also a good source of protein, calcium, and a small amount of carbs, making it a good choice to go along with your breakfast before you head out in the morning.


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Arak is a translucent white anise-flavored drink enjoyed by millions of people, not just in Bahrain but across the Arab world. Made from the combination of aniseed and grapes, the drink is an excellent choice for an evening of fun and relaxation as a tourist in Bahrain. You should know that it contains at least 50% alcoholic content, so you need to be very careful. Arak delivers that powerful essence that you require in an alcoholic drink, making it the perfect option for anyone who requires a happy ending in their fun and adventurous outing.

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