The city of Nantes has a reputation for being one of the coolest fun spots in France. So many things help make it have this kind of reputation, including their lifestyle, beauty, cleanliness, and so on. The city also has a couple of fun spots and rooftop bars where people can go and enjoy themselves, and we’ve selected a few for your perusal.

4Le Nid

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Sitting on the 32nd floor of Tour Bretagne, in Nantes is Le Nid, an urban style rooftop bar ready to fulfill all of your desires. This highly reputable fun spot and nightlife center is not just a bar, but also has on display, very innovative art décor, created by Jean Jullien, who is famous for humoristic drawing. Apart from offering you the most jaw-dropping 360 degrees skyline view of the city of Nantes, the bar also served quality cocktails, meals, and drinks. You’ll also be attended to by a caring and qualified staff that is trained to provide the very best of service for your delight. Children are also allowed in here, and the good thing is while adults pay for entry, kids 12 years and younger enter for free.

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