10Piazza della Rinascita

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Pescara is a gorgeous seaside town in Italy that will captivate anyone who visits it. While it is small in both size and population, it is very beautiful and very popular among travelers. Are you ready to discover why? Here are 10 beautiful places in the town of Pescara. First we start with Piazza della Rinascita, one of the main squares of the town. This square is not only known for its classy cafes, but also, for being the centre of the public life in the city. Designed by Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect, it also has an interesting sculpture of a wine glass by the same architect. During evenings you’ll find a ton of people walking through this square or sitting on its benches and relaxing while enjoying a gelato. If you’re visiting the town, this one of the places you wont miss no matter what, because to get at most places, you’ll need to cross it. Click the next ARROW¬†to see the next image!

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