With a population of more than 200,000, Padua is respected for being the telecommunication and economic hub of the Veneto region of Italy. The city is located on the river Bacchiglione, west of Venice, and offering impressive architecture, fun atmosphere, and plenty of activities that the family can engage. We enjoin you to try out this city along with the entire family.

Prato Della Valle

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This 90,000 square meter elliptical square is regarded as the most popular historical landmark in the entire city. After exploring all of Padua, this is the best place for the entire family to come and cool down and relax. It offers a cozy, calm, peaceful environment, with an almost heavenly appeal. There is a large space with Green Island, a small canal, and 78 statues of celebrities. Children will have a free time playing around the place and enjoying sunshine and fresh air. You can also take pictures as much as you want and on Sunday, come and shop at the antique market.

Gran Teatro Geox, Padua

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Take the kids to this place to enjoy the best of Italian and American movies in a unique cinema hall. Gran Teatro Geox is the main cinema center in Padua, with huge halls that can occupy thousands of people at the same time. Visitors are advised to book in advance for shows, movies, and concerts, with information available on their official website.

Botanical Garden Of Padova

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Founded in 1545 by the Venetian republic, Botanical Garden Of Padova is the oldest academic botanical garden in the world. The garden which covers roughly 22,000 square meters is rich in medicinal plants and respected for its collection of special exhibitions. Children visiting here are going to learn about unusual plants species, herbs, and trees including insectivorous plants, poisonous plants, orchids, aquatic plants, and alpine plants. The family can also explore the different habitats including the “Goethe palm” greenhouse, Collezione Opuntia, The carnivorous plants greenhouse, and so on. You’ll also fall in love with the impressive architecture that makes the whole place quite pleasing to the soul.

Esapolis – Museum Of Living Insects

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If you want the kids to learn more about insects, you have to bring them to this place. Esapolis is an opportunity to learn about new things, have fun, and explore the world of insects. Some of the insect species you’re going to discover here includes silkworms, bees, scorpions, spiders, beetles, cockroaches, and so on. You can visit the laboratory to hold insects in your hands; while the history lessons takes you back hundreds of millions of year to explain the evolution of these wonderful creatures.

Parco Padovaland

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Here lies Padua’s most visited water park, where no kid will ever feel bored. You and the children are going to get lost in this park offering plenty of activities and attractions that will get your heart pumping. The park features kamikaze, inflatables, BALL WITH ROPES, braid, swimming pool, blanda track, toboga, volley ball court, twin slide, and whirlpool. There is also an aquatic area prepared for younger children, so they are not left behind.

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