10 Things Venezuela Is Famous For

Venezuela lies in the northern coast of South America. The oil-rich nation features a continental land area, several small islets, and islands in the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela is also widely renowned for its picturesque sceneries, amazing sights, ranging from the mountain tops and waterfalls to the organized beaches. Wildlife and marine life flourish here, making it the perfect destination for a memorable holiday. Here are the top 10 things Venezuela is famous for.

The Most Popular Drinks in Puerto Rico

There’s no better way to relax in Puerto Rico than having a special island cocktail beside you. Apart from cocktails, Puerto Rico’s rum and tequila-based mixed drinks are also ideal to suite relaxation on a cool evening. If you are finding it difficult to select from a variety of drinks in the country, probably because it’s your first time, this list will help you plan your drinking and dining experience in the country.

10 Things Honduras Is Famous for

Honduras also known as the Republic of Honduras is a beautiful country known for its very rich resources bestowed upon it by nature. These resources include; sugar cane, coffee, tropical fruits and different minerals.

The Most Popular Drinks in Greenland

Apart from being the largest island in the world, Greenland is also a great place for fun, adventure, and relaxation. Their ice makes the place unique, and many people love the atmosphere and the people’s hospitality. When you’re in Greenland, below are some of the best drinks you will find. 

The Most Popular Drinks In Ecuador

A trip to Ecuador will be incomplete without trying the finest drinks the country has to offer. There are several drinks you can try out like fruit drinks, herbal teas, alcoholic beverages, cocktails, liquors, rums, beers, etc. Here are the best drinks you could settle for during your trip.

Most Amazing Summer Vacation Spots in the United States

If you want to travel during your summer vacation, then the US should be one of your top options. It has beautiful weather, amazing scenic beauty, and modern cities with great technological masterpieces that you would enjoy exploring during your time there.

10 Things Jamaica Is Famous for

What is Jamaica famous for? If you were to visit JAM, here are 10 things you must know about, things this country is well known for around the world!

The Most Popular Drinks In Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is in North America and is one of those Caribbean islands you should visit in your lifetime. Apart from having fun at the beach and getting close to nature, you’ll also be able to enjoy quite a number of things, including their local drinks. Here are the most popular drinks in this country of about 100,000 inhabitants you shouldn’t fail to try. 

10 Things Uruguay Is Famous For

Uruguay is located in the southeastern part of South America. The country has about 3.44 million inhabitants, with 1.8 million people living in its capital city. With a landmass of roughly 176,000sqkm (68,000 square miles), Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America. What are some of the numerous things this great country is famous for?

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