Canada is a country with many touristic and natural attractions, derived from its special location occupying practically the northern half of North America, and reaching the Arctic Circle. Even when there are many places and things to see within the usual circuits, if you look for something different it is not difficult to find it, as we said in part due to the vast expanse of the country and its mixture of climates, landscapes and cultures.

If you’re visiting Canada from a far away country, you’ll want to make sure you have a travel insurance so you avoid unexpected trouble. With it you’ll be able to explore all these unusual places carefree. Here are 10 of those alternative places for curious travelers with desire for adventure.

1. The Butchart Gardens

These gardens are located in Vancouver as part of the tourist offer of the city. There are 22 hectares with more than a million plants of 700 different species, with waterfalls, fountains and sculptures, which make up an authentic natural museum.

2. The most northerly permanent settlement in the world

In the northern part of Ellesmere Island is Alert, which is not a locality but a meteorological station. As it is permanently inhabited, it is considered the most northerly settlement in the world. Even the nearest Inuit town is to the south, which is already saying. Only for the true intrepid.

3. The abandoned city with all the amenities

On the Pacific coast of British Columbia is the town of Kitsault, equipped with electricity, running water, school, library, gym and even cable television. The only downside is that it is completely deserted. Spending the night in it can be an adventure, but at least the amenities will not be lacking.

4. The largest vertical fall in the world

If what you like are mountains, on Baffin Island (which is part of the Arctic Range) is Mount Thor. Apart from the beauty of its spectacular silhouette, it also has the largest vertical fall in the world. It has a height of 1,250 meters and an average angle of 105 degrees.

5. The totems of the island Quadra

This small island of the Discovery archipelago is inhabited by the Shalish and Kwagiult Indians, who offer tourists a rich handicraft market where polychromatic totems stand out. There is also a museum about them.

6. The smoky mountains

On the north coast of the country, about 350 kilometers west of the mouth of the Mackenzie River, there are hills that have burned and smoked for several centuries. They are deposits of lignite in which a chemical reaction between carbon and sulfur causes a self-combustion that is a real natural spectacle.

7. The bubbles of Abraham Lake

This artificial lake created by the raising of a dam in 1972, is located north of the Saskatchewan River in Alberta. There one of the most beautiful and dangerous natural phenomena of the world takes place: during the winter months, when the lake freezes, it can be observed how the methane bubbles, fruit of organic decomposition, ascend slowly until they collide and explode against the ice. Truly a magical sight along with the Aurora Borealis.

8. Stay in a floating hotel

Although it floats, it is not a ship, but a wooden building. The King Pacific Lodge Hotel is towed every year, between May and October, to Princess Royal Island in British Columbia, and anchored to its jetty, where it is one of the most luxurious and, why not, extravagant and unusual hotels in the country.

9. An island within a lake, which is larger than the lake

The island of René-Levasseur has a circular shape and an area of ​​2,020 square kilometers. The funny thing is that it is located in the center of Lake Manicouagan in Quebec, which only has 1,942 square kilometers, and is therefore smaller than the island. As if this were not enough, in the center there is an impact crater created by a meteorite that is 100 kilometers in diameter.

10. Future Tropical Beaches

Between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic are the Turks and Caicos Islands, with some of the best beaches in the world. The possibility of requesting the annexation to Canada, as the thirteenth province, has been considered for a long time in political circles. So it is possible that in the future we can travel to Canada practically without leaving the Caribbean.

Author: Andreas Henderson, traveler and journalist seeking the most unique and unusual experiences abroad. Recently one of the topics that have sparked his journalistic fire are super visa insurance and the necessities to travel the world.

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