What is France Famous/Known For?

10Most Visited Country

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France popularly called the “City of Lights” is a country loved by many. The French have good tastes in food and fashion. So it’s actually very easy to find 10 things Frances is famous for. A country full of history, castles and rich cuisine has a ton to offer its visitors. These are some of the things France is known for. France is the country with the highest numbers of visitors every year. More than 80 million tourists visited France in 2011. This is more than the population of South Africa. The reason why France is a tourist destination is not far-fetched. Its beautiful scenery is unrivaled and the following 9 things in this list contribute greatly. Having been in France several times, even though Paris is the most famous city, the rest of the country has so much to offer as well, to the point that it’s underrated. Click the next ARROW¬†to see the next photo!

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