What is Mexico Famous/Known For?


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Mexico is known for their long stretches of virgin beaches, numerous white sands, and beautiful coastal resorts. Mexico stands out when compared with other countries of the world in many aspects. These include but as not limited to inventors, celebrities, cultural events, cuisine and drinks! For example renowned actress, Salma Hayek is of Mexican descent. Did you know that a Mexican invented contraceptives? These are some other things Mexico is famous for. Like Tequila, Mexico is known for being the home of the best tasting Margaritas in the world. This lovely tasting cocktail is made with Tequila, Cointreau, Lime or Lemon juice. Lovers of this cocktail enjoy it frozen, salt-rimmed or straight up. In mexico drink mixology is a serious business. As for the proportions, the general rule is two parts of tequila for one of triple sec and another of lime juice. The IBA recommends a slightly higher amount of Cointreau than juice and, for an individual cup, these would be the exact measures: 5 cl of white tequila, 3 cl of Cointreau, 2 cl freshly squeezed lime juice. For the glass, surely you know since the margarita has one that bears his name, which has the shape of an inverted Mexican hat. It is ideal and aesthetically beautiful, but it is not a sin nor does it really affect the taste of using a short one or a martini glass. The preparation is the simplest and most direct that exists in the cocktail bar: put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, stir and serve (use a small strainer if you want to remove impurities). It is better not to put additional ice in the glass so that it does not get cold, but this also depends on the speed at which you drink, because it is almost worse for it to warm up. And frosting the glass with salt is optional and depends on the taste of each. Refrain from tripping is also recommended, because they add nothing of value to the mix (you can put a slice of lime on the edge to decorate, but do not throw it inside). The only admissible addition is a small jalapeño slices if you want to give the cocktail a spicy point. Salud! Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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