Stromboli is famous for its volcanoes and mountainous areas, offering the best of activities for tourists. The small island is near the Tyrrhenian Sea, around the northern parts of Sicily. For the past 2,000 years, the area has seen active volcanic eruptions, with issues of volcanic bombs. Here are five things the island of Stromboli is famous for.


Stromboli Volcanoes

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Active volcanoes are what Stromboli us famous for. In the last 2,000 years, these mountains have been busy, delivering volcanic bombs all around the area. The volcanic island is host to three villages where there are many activities to get involved if you don’t like going up the mountains to see the volcanoes up close. These active volcanoes are iconic, hard to climb, but rewarding when you get to the top and witness the beautiful views.


Stromboli Beaches

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If you’re not a fan of mountains with molten lava and volcanic eruptions, you can settle for the beaches and enjoy the clean and peaceful sea. The black sand Scari beach is a favorite for locals and visitors, attracting visitors for many reasons but mainly the sparkling sands. Visitors also love the Spiaggia Lunga beach, offering dark stones and couples to enjoy themselves in the sun and create lasting memories. Forgia Vecchia is another Stromboli beach that worth seeing for its clean water and sand, clear sea pebbles full of little fishes, and a peaceful atmosphere. Don’t miss Ficogrande beach for its dark volcanic beach sand and beauty during sunset.

Historical Landmarks

Stromboli Historical Landmarks

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Stromboli Island is also famous for its lovely and impressive historical landmarks and architecture. Chiesa di San Vincenzo Ferreri is a church near a scenic lookout point over Ginostra. For years it has survived several volcanic activities now serves as a significant tourist location. It can occupy at least 400 inhabitants, and you can join in the worship time if you love to do so. There is also the Cinema Museum of Stromboli with several character writings on the wall and plenty of history and wisdom. The Strombolicchio Lighthouse, built in 1925, attracts tourists’ attention and is a place to enjoy magnificent views.


Stromboli Hiking

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Lovers of hiking have explored the Stromboli volcanoes for ages, making it a popular activity. Hiking the mountains of Stromboli Island is interesting because it is small in size, with only 600 people living there permanently. During hiking, you will witness splendid sea views, an incredible sunset, and go near an active volcano where you will hear a roar and feel the ashes from the explosion on your skin. Make sure you come along with hiking boots, a quick-dry t-shirt, hiking pants, sunglasses, a small day pack, and a camera to take pictures.

Boat And Helicopter Tours

Stromboli Boat And Helicopter Tours

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While at Stromboli, you will have the chance to explore wildlife, see the best parts of the sea, and relax with boat and helicopter tours. The tours take you to excellent spots, including Sciara del Fuoco or Street of Fire, where you will enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Some trips will take you around the sea area to watch dolphins, swim, and visit Mt Etna. The helicopter tours are breathtaking, giving you access to witness Stromboli from the sky.

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