1. Skull Chapel Kudowa-Zdroj

Poland is the perfect place to go for ghost hunting, and it will definitely have to be on your top list. Most of the places have a long story dating back to centuries, so if you are keen on exploring scary places, Poland has it all. The Chapel Kudowa-Zdroj was built between 1776-1804 by Fr. Waclaw Tomaszek, who was a priest who lived in the close area. The priest discovered the skulls when he was digging in the embankment near the belfry. He found that the bones belong to the victims of wars in the Klodzko region, and victims from the cholera pandemic. He decided to clean the skulls and bones and put them in the chapel.

Location: Lower Silesian Province

2. The Abandonded Zofiowka Psychiatric Hospital

Zofiowka Asylum is absolutely a place for the brave ones. It is one of the scariest places in Poland, as it is located in a remote area. It was founded in 1907 and it was created for the mentally nervous ill Jews. During World War II, and the liquidation of the ghetto, Germans killed about 110-140 patients of the hospital in the nearby forest. The others were taken to the concentration camps, some escaped with the help of the staff, and others commit suicide. You will see on the walls messages written such as ”I see you”, ”Behind you”, and some other scary stuff.

Location: Otwock

3. Lysa Gora

The peak of those mountains is said to be the place of the pagan Slavic cults, and many stories follow this unofficial event. Lysa Gora is said to host rituals of witches, and from there they flew to Sabbath. Rumors say that the witches light their bonfires and threw poisons, and then walking through the forest area. It is totally a must-see place in Poland, as it has a variety of scary stories related to that place.

Location: Swietokrzyskie Mountains

4. Wola Justowska

Wola Justowska is the meaning of the horror house. Once you walked outside of the building you will feel a horror vibe surround you, and it is absolutely terrifying. The story of this haunted house dates back to the 1990s when a man hanged himself. Afterward, followed many other awkward stories related to incidents without any proper explanation. Today, the house is locked up, and if you cross the street you might see lights and shadows dancing through the windows.

Location: Krakow

5. Witkowice Forest

The story related to Witkowice Forest is quite the same as the movie Blair Witch Project. The forest is situated in a close area to Krakow and the scary part started in 2001 when a group of 9 students went to stay overnight in the forest area. They say that a man who accidentally saw the students heading to the forest, he warned them not to go that way. However, the students never heard of him, and since then were lost, and even the police was unable to find them.

Location: Near Krakow

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