Our jobs take up a lot of space in our lives.

And when it comes to happiness, career isn’t everything. But it does occupy a huge amount of our time, and should enable you to pursue other things in life that you love.

For the ambitious professional who loves to travel, your globetrotting adventures may seem at odds with your dreams of a thriving work life, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

In fact, if you have the dedication and commitment, the things you learn and experience while travelling could be your fast-track to your dream job. Here are just three ways that travel enriches your outlook and prepares you for a thrilling future!

  1. Meet new people

Getting to know new people is a huge part of travel that will enhance your experience in many ways.

If you’re an outgoing individual that fits in easily and isn’t afraid to be sociable, this will come naturally. But for others, taking the leap out of your comfort zone to introduce yourself and make new friends is hard.

But remember – travel is all about pushing yourself to trying new things, and getting to know new people will not only lead to valuable new friendships but will boost your confidence and ability to handle social situations in the future – a useful skill that will propel you forward in your personal life and your career.

  1. Embrace the local culture

It goes without saying that those who are willing to be adventurous will get a lot more out of their travel than those who resist.

Take any opportunity that comes your way – engage with local customs (respectfully, of course) and don’t be afraid to try new things.

If you’re really feeling brave, why not try learning the regional language? Not only is this a massively useful skill whilst abroad, but it can even improve your future job prospects – additional languages are a highly desirable skill for many employers that can open up fresh opportunities for you and even increase your earning potential.

  1. Study on the road

Sometimes you follow your dreams. Other times, you bring them with you.

And studying whilst travelling gives you access to the best of both worlds.

Many people are attracted to the idea of studying abroad, but the idea of being tied down in one place for a long period of time is less than ideal for the average nomad.

For these individuals, distance learning degrees could be the future. With more and more universities switching to remote classes due to the current crisis, this mode of study is becoming more and more common.

But whilst other institutions adapt out of necessity, ARU Distance Learning are leading experts who providing fully flexible online qualifications that can be studied anywhere in the world, whilst part-time and full-time options both enable you to continue working.

This type of study is a great way to continue travelling whilst laying the foundations for your future work ambitions.

These are just three ways that your travels could be the key to your new dream role.

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