Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland provides an exciting opportunity for you to enjoy your day and have an adventure. The place can be found in Argyll and Bute’s council area and provides space for relaxation, especially for its numerous sports and games competitions in July of every year. Here are five things this island is famous for.

The Isle of Mull’s Castles

Isle of Mull Castle Duart

There is no way you’re going to talk about Scotland without mentioning castles. The Isle of Mull has impressive castle Duart Castle, historical landmarks that have been around for more than 800 years. In 1908, the castle was saved from its ruins and brought to life. Today, it plays host to outdoor music events and hosts several weddings.

Wildlife Tours

Isle of Mull Puffin Wildlife

When you’re on the Isle, you have the chance to take part in several wildlife tours and expeditions. These tours are organized by professionals who have a deep understanding of the entire area and will make sure you explore the best places for knowledge and relaxation. You can take a boat trip to Staffa to enjoy great cliff views, see whales and dolphins, or see whitetail sea eagles.

With Sands Of The Calgary Bay

Dhiseig on the Isle of Mull

The Calgary Bay in the Isle of Mull is a lovely place called “Beach of the Meadow”, and it is a famous beachhead within the British Isles. People come here for relaxation, fun, and adventure, while many film crews have used them as their filming locations. Along with the experience of the Bay is the clear night sky that Mull has to offer. Here, you will be able to see the night sky and enjoy the beauty of viewing the Milky Way and Galaxy.


Isle of Mull cuisine

People who come to the Isle of Mull also don’t forget the delicious and lovely cuisine they offer. The place is famous for fresh local seafood, island malts, fine wines, and local cheese. What makes the food here to refreshing is because of its farming under very natural circumstances that don’t involve the use of chemicals and pesticides, so you’ll enjoy the real taste of nature in those meals. Isle Mull has many quality restaurants offering palatable dishes, including Bellachroy Inn, with its incredible menu and genuine hospitality. There is also Ninth Wave Restaurant serving fresh-caught seafood, Craignure Inn with their highland beef and Hebridean lamb, and Macgregor’s Roadhouse Cafe & Restaurant.

Photography Tours

Fishing Boats on Mull

The Isle of Mull is also famous as a place for photography tours. Services like Nature Scotland and Photo Mull offer fascinating landscape, nature, and wildlife photography using compact cameras to deliver excellent results. Photography tours are not just for expert photographers; they’re also for people who want to learn about this noble art and find inspiration in one of the world’s most scenic places. You can also book for advanced photography tours using top quality camera equipment to get even better photography results. Isle of Mull photography tours is an incredible experience that many people have come to love.

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